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Handmade, Minimalist, Ridiculously Comfy

ATHEIST Shoes are designed in Berlin (inspired by the minimalist aesthetic of the Bauhaus), handmade in Porto (by 5 artisinal shoemakers) and deliciously, nay RIDICULOUSLY comfy.

We're a team of 8 people - 3 in Berlin and 5 in Porto - and we've been making ATHEIST Shoes since 2012. We're honoured to have thousands of loyal customers, all over the world, from Stockholm to San Francisco, Tehran to Tennessee. 

The first "ATHEIST Shoe" was created as an art project. We felt the world might be a better place, if non-believers were more open about their godlessness, so we carved the words "ICH BIN ATHEIST" onto the sole of a shoe - just as a cheeky little provocation. We didn't think much of it but, when we posted a picture on the internet, things exploded; we received hundreds of emails asking to have our shoes. And, so, what started as casual whimsy turned into a roaring business.


We gave up our jobs in 2012 and we've been happily making shoes and selling them from this website, ever since.  

It's a rare thing to be able to do what you love as your career and we're deeply grateful to the diverse and wonderful patrons who keep our business growing. We're proud to be fiercely independent, unhindered by the conventions of the big shoe brands and able to offer seriously tip-top quality, handmade shoes, direct to end-customers, at prices much lower than a traditional wholesale market would demand. 

It means more people get to experience our craft and, if their feedback is anything to go by, these just might be "the most comfortable shoes in the known universe".