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We don’t believe in any God

We enjoy happy, full lives without god(s) and we don't often think about religion. But, when we do, we find it a bit weird and depressing; like a silly game of make-believe that's gone too far, threatening the things we hold most dear, like independence, reason and love.

The number of atheists is rapidly growing, yet we're often passive or isolated, facing ‘god’ with just an apathetic shrug, whilst religion is organised, in your face... with symbols, rituals, community... all of which give it more power to make more of a mess.

We’d love it if more atheists were to "come out" and to find each other.

Maybe our shoes will make it easier to spot the sexy, free-thinking people you like to hang with?  No more hours wasted chatting up a pretty stranger only to discover they believe some invisible, magical sky-daddy is looking down and holding a view on whether they should sleep with you or not.

Or maybe we can encourage closet atheists to be more open?

Some of our team are lucky enough to live in Berlin, where roughly two thirds of the population are atheists, but we're conscious there are other places in the world where it's much more difficult to be an atheist.