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We don’t believe in any Shoe

We started making sneakers because no one else was making them with the qualities we wanted -  simple, slight, elegant, well-made, using the best materials. 

Others may have tried, but it's really difficult for independent shoemakers to get anywhere, when the sneaker market is dominated by behemoth corporations, pumping out safe, over-designed product, covered in meaningless badges of allegiance. Not to mention produced with terribly quality materials and in often questionable ways (take the recent story about abuse of workers making Converse in Indonesia). 

No, it's not easy for independents to enter such a market at anything like a reasonable price. But we've tried our best to keep our shoes affordable, and  the only way we can do it is by ignoring retailers and middlemen and using the internet to bring our shoes directly to our customers.

We hope you like our designs. We've aimed for a timeless, distinguishing shoe, inspired by the Bauhaus, with premium materials and a very natural fit. Something Indiana Jones may have worn to a 1930s Berlin cabaret, or something we might yet dance in at the Vatican’s closing party in 2039.