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That's what one of our customers reckons. Either way, there is something very fitting about DAS COGNAC boot in the Sahara Desert. Our thanks to the intrepid Noel for sending these pics... 


A revolution in fairness and transparency, as we hold our customers accountable for thwir contributions to our brand... 


... still our best seller, after all these years. 


We're popping up in San Francisco, on 6th & 7th Feb, and soon continuing our journey down to LA... to popup on the 12th and 13th. 


Star Wars is truly awesome. Go see.

And please dress up like we did. Here's Princess Leia, in her iconic shoe laces...



Just a reminder, that our cut-off point for shipping to ANYWHERE in time for Christmas coincides exactly with the general release of Star Wars in Germany (no accident there) - 00:01 hours on the 17th, CET. Germans, you might get lucky after that, but we'll pretty much have our hair in Princess Leia buns after the 17th, so no guarantees...


Happy Thanksgiving, to all our US chums! 


Kitten Testicle Boots? DAS COGNAC Schuh? Black-on-black  & brown-on-brown deliciousness? Yes, dear heathens, 'tis the season of dreamy innovation... 


A very warm welcome to all the new customers who've discovered us through our advertisements on!

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