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After 2 happy, but misguided years, we've taken the difficult decision to bring Atheist Shoes to an end... 


If you haven't been to our Kreuzberg Menagerie yet, you might like to come say hello at our new pop-up shop, in downtown Mitte...


A mini-rant about the vapid idiocy of the new Converse ad campaign... and Converse in general. 


At long last, we've found a wonderful supplier of non-leather materials, so we're now able to make Vegan Shoes!


We have two models - Lucky Kitten and Portobello Cognac. And, if we sell enough of them, we'll have more to follow!


Did you know that the number of reported baptisms in America is in decline? Did you know that baptism is still a thing? We didn't. And we totally think it's time to end this infringement to babies' rights . But then, why throw the party out with the baptismal water...


Details of a censorship issue we ran into with Facebook this week...



Wouldn't it be awesome if more politicians came out and were open about being atheists?


We'd like to entice them out of the closet, with an offer of free shoes and maybe, just maybe, it'll kickstart some kind of international network of godless political heroes... (read more)



A little animation we made, back when we were getting started....