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ATHEIST Shoes a “National Security” Issue?

Atheist Shoes

It was an oddly restrained piece, although the comments are less so... highly entertaining. For example: "There is no such thing as a "scientific atheist" as science was created by the Church. All you have done is admit you are a fool and a charlatan."

Well, we're honoured and a little bemused to get coverage from the self-proclaimed "most visited media website in the world"... we also feel a bit sticky after the experience. But the funniest part is the basic journalistic gaff they make in presuming that, because they have just discovered us, we must only have just come into existence... not dissimilar to a one year old's tendency to assume an object disappears form time and space, when it leaves the field of their vision.  So here't to wiping our 4 years of our history, and here's to the "launch of Atheist Shoes", in November 2016. It's gonna be an exciting journey! 

You can read the original article and comments, here. 



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