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Extremist Dads, Back into Society: an ATHEIST Shoes Initiative

Atheist Shoes

There's been so much divisive politics in the last year  Brexit, Trump, the rise of right-wing populism. But at Atheist Shoes, we want to bring people together again.  


That's why we're proud to launch RODBIS (Rightwing Old Dads Back Into Society an initiative offering work placements to our isolated, politically extreme 70+ fathers, and helping them re-engage with the world-at-large.

Our fathers have been given key jobs at Atheist – packing shoes, answering customer emails, making lunchtime kebab runs  tasks designed to dispel the fear and paranoia cultivated by overexposure to cable TV and fake news. 

Says Michael, 72, father of Atheist employee Peter:  "I'm glad to get out of the house  I didn't have much to do for the last 5 years except watch Fox and retweet Trump. But now I'm meeting real people and I don't feel so angry or frightened any more". 



Jaap, 71, father of Marlene: "It's been an eye-opener. First, I've seen all the mistakes our kids make in how they run their business and I know they're grateful that I list all those failings. Second, I've beefed up the security on the windows and doors  you can never be too safe  my main job now is to stand at the front of the shop, drill in hand, ready to unscrew the door if a customer wants to come in. I've also secured the internet router with a chain, as I've heard foreigners are going round stealing the internet."

David, founder of Atheist, is excited by the scheme's potential: "It's a win-win. Our parents have years of experience, but are desperate for something to do. We're a growing business and can use more help, whilst our dads don't cost much because they're living off our inheritance. We see the benefits already  for example, the DHL guy has started coming on time each morning, as he knows our dads won't be in til noon and he's desperate to avoid getting into long-winded conversations with them."



Atheist's local Kreuzberg community have also benefitted from the arrival of so many pensioner dads. Says Hassan, owner of a local Lebanese Shawarma outlet: "They think I'm Turkish and they like to tell me how great a job Erdogan is doing...but that's fine... as long as they like my Falafel, I'm happy." 

David concludes "It's been emotional. And we're all looking forward to Christmas again  hopefully our dads will have more to talk about than immigration and voter fraud."


If you think your politically-extreme dad would benefit from an internship with Atheist Shoes, please mail us for an application form, at 



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