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Goodbye Atheist Shoes

Atheist Shoes

Dear friends and supporters of Atheist Shoes.

I have come to a difficult decision, but one that feels right and which I hope you will understand.


I will not be continuing with Atheist Shoes, because I have been touched by the most beautiful experience, one that has forced me to question everything I was so certain of before.

It is a deeply personal experience and I am somewhat embarrassed to talk about it at any length, but I know people will have questions. So let me try to explain.

In the past two weeks, my heart has grown to an extent I could not have imagined. I have felt a truly complete understanding, connection and purpose that I have never felt before. Some might call it revelation, but it was not a thing of the brain, but of my entire being… and it feels divine. 


You may scoff as you read that word. I would have done the same not so long ago.  But, whilst I won’t say that I suddenly think there is some beardy, magic man in the sky, I do feel, strongly, that there is something more… some purpose and connection between us all… and that ethereal something I can only describe as God.

With the help of Natalia, who two weeks ago came into my life like a shining light of love (Natalia you are more than a lover, you are a guide) I have experienced the purest truth and beauty. It is easy to dismiss our love as that of two jumped-up homosapiens, giddy with coroporeal titillation… but it is more than that; for in Natalia’s perfect form I see the promise of eternity, and the ripple of God’s work.

 I could go on, but ultimately I think emotion needs to be experienced, not described. 


However, I can share with you the conclusion to which my feelings have led me. 

It is deeply hypocritical for me to continue selling ATHEIST Shoes, to people whom I fear may be on the wrong side (through no fault of their own) of a divine will. And, so, ATHEIST Shoes will shortly discontinue its operations.

Life as an atheist was hard – the cynicism, the hedonism, the loneliness Always quick to humour and slow to love. Eager to argue and rationalise, but resistant to pure feeling. It is not something to promote or revel in. And, whilst we achieved something godly in the incredible comfort of our shoes (something of which I remain proud) I cannot, in good conscience, ever make an ATHEIST Shoe again.

So we are closing Atheist Shoes. But we still have a lot of stock to shift (unfortunately I am not yet in God’s Kingdom and I still owe some money on a scooter, whilst Tobin’s baby will need to eat while his father is job-hunting). So we are announcing a 20 euro discount, on all shoes, starting now. 



If you choose a pair of shoes here, when you get to the checkout page, insert this code: shakenbyangelonearth to receive 20 euros off your purchase.

Furthermore, if you would like the words KEIN lasered onto your ICH BIN ATHEIST sole (so that it reads “I am NOT an atheist”), it would be my sincere pleasure. You can let me know at

With this, I bid thee fond farewell and return, to be humbled, in the warm, firm, leggy embrace of God’s ambassador on Earth.


All the very best & thank you for your part in bringing me to this experience,








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    10:02 pm on 12/04/14 Peter
    Noooooooooooooo! Say it isn't so. I was just going to buy a pair.
    7:05 pm on 02/04/14 Rory
    Great April fools, you had me for a second. Will be buying another pair!
    12:35 pm on 02/04/14 Ellen
    Puuh ... also wirklich auf einen Aprilscherz reingefallen ... ;-)) Hab die Nachricht von David erst eben gelesen. Also macht schön so weiter, ob als Atheist oder Kein-Atheist ... lol
    12:30 pm on 02/04/14 Ellen
    Ich bin ziemlich erstaunt über die Entscheidung "Atheist-Shoes" zu schließen. Der Sinn hat sich mir auch nicht wirklich erschlossen. Es ist ja schön und gut, dass David einen Weg zu Gott gefunden hat - Gratulation und viel Glück auf seinem Weg -, aber warum deswegen gleich die ganze Firma geschlossen werden soll ....? Habt ihr Verantwortlichen bei diesem Entschluß eigentlich auch mal an eure Angestellten in Deutschland und Portugal gedacht? Die Leute stehen demnächst ohne Job da. Und das bei einem Produkt und einer Produktion, die bisher sehr erfolgreich war. Warum kann sich nicht nur David aus der Firma zurück ziehen und diese anderen Teilhabern überlassen? Oder wenn es am Namen liegt ... warum benennt ihr die Firma und die Schuhe nicht einfach um ... mit einem neutralen Namen. Denn die Schuhe sind ja super, egal wie sie heißen. Ich hoffe sehr, dass die Schuhproduktion so, wie sie ist erhalten bleibt, und man die Schuhe in der Zukunft weiter kaufen kann, wenn auch unter einem neuen Label. Beste Wünsche für die Zukunft!
    12:23 pm on 02/04/14 Atheist Shoes
    Guys, the bad news is that Natalia dumped me this morning :/ But the good news is that I found my godlessness again... and Atheist Shoes is staying in business!! :)
    12:11 pm on 02/04/14 Ernst Simanek
    Dear poor Boy ! What a heap of rubbish did You bestow on us! Firstly member of an atheist sect, now as it seems under some kind of god-spell (hah, talking of angels, You'll learn Your lesson!) and leaving me without the first pair of all-caramel-Atheists, I have been so dearly hoping for to come. God forgive You
    5:21 am on 02/04/14 Kharma
    I hope Lee is joking.
    1:58 am on 02/04/14 G
    so you are leaving for good (or god) to live in crimea? ;) nevermind, i go for the discount instead. and instead lasering a "KEIN", i'm going to fill the "A" with mud (patent pending)...
    12:34 am on 02/04/14 Lee
    David, this is extremely encouraging to hear. I have never heard of Atheist shoes before, and for some reason it popped on Facebook today. As you continue throughout life, I hope that God continues to reveal Himself and draw you closer to Himself. Remember, God provides us with everything that we need. Best wishes.
    10:33 pm on 01/04/14 Bruce Springsteen
    Never mind the shoes. Would you sell me the girl?
    9:26 pm on 01/04/14 Fatıh
    Hey! youve found LOVE whıch ıs wonderful. BUT as Mae West would put it, 'GOD has nothıng to do wıth ıt, dahling!' Love is wonderfully human. With all due respect to Natalıa, consıder thıs!!! (Id wanted to have that lemon yellow pair when I was in Berlin, but they were -even at a reduced rate - expensıve. Now I am back at home and you have thıs sale. Thıs ıs unjust! Consıder this ın a GODLY lıght!)
    9:09 pm on 01/04/14 frogface
    Always quick to humour
    8:00 pm on 01/04/14 Marie
    Please please please let this be an April Fool's Joke. I was so stunned by the email this morning that it's bothered me all day. I had to come back to the site to make sure I wasn't imagining things! (It was the most absurd story, and yet... could it be true?) Half of me wanted to order shoes to benefit from the sale, but the other half didn't want to get hooked on shoes I'd never be able to buy again. I love what you do and what you represent, and I love your shoes. They are #1 on my wishlist.
    7:12 pm on 01/04/14 Cass
    I was horror-struck until I realized the date. But assuming the discount still applies, I might actually be able to afford a pair.
    7:12 pm on 01/04/14 Dave
    Sorry to see you are closing your operation in Berlin. You will be relieved that by cancelling your plumbing order promptly your cancellation fee is only 200 eur We will await your cheque .
    7:06 pm on 01/04/14 Elisabeth
    Great April Fools joke!
    6:59 pm on 01/04/14 Willie Bee
    Say what? Hmmmm. it would appear that a true convert would not want to sell inventory from his godless site and profit from it - like an abortion provider, who'd just decided that life begins at conception, announcing that all his morning-after pills would be 20% off through June.
    5:38 pm on 01/04/14 Dave
    I totally thought "April Fools" until I saw Nyasha aka Natalya Poklonskaya, and I knew it must be true. I mean who wouldn't convert for that!
    4:58 pm on 01/04/14 Suguru N
    You really got me. You really did. Then I read the part "I found God" and that was a dead give away. ;)
    4:43 pm on 01/04/14 Brian H Neely
    I'm going to go ahead and wait until I see tomorrow's email...
    4:43 pm on 01/04/14 Joshua
    You had me... hook, line and sinker. If this is a joke I might have to buy another pair :-)
    4:42 pm on 01/04/14 Harlen Bayha
    I believe what you believe, baby. Mmmmm. Are those angel wings? I can feel them caressing my... face.
    4:05 pm on 01/04/14 Susan
    Divine deceit.
    3:42 pm on 01/04/14 Ken
    Shouldn't read my emails before I've had my morning coffee. The email had me going for a minute. I've been wanting another pair, so the sale is welcome!
    3:25 pm on 01/04/14 Heather
    i truly hope this is an april fools joke, otherwise, you have completely offended me. if you have found god, fine, but no need to denigrate those of us that still live in reality. the "misguided" stuff is a little much.
    3:23 pm on 01/04/14 Gavin
    OMG - April Fools everyone :)
    2:27 pm on 01/04/14 Atheist Shoes
    Thank you Konrad, I appreciate your solidarity at this difficult, yet hopeful, time.
    2:25 pm on 01/04/14 Konrad Kinard
    I for one prefer to take this seriously. I will , as a show of solidarity, burn my pairs of Atheist Shoes and welcome you finally, into the fold. We have waited so long
    2:23 pm on 01/04/14 Konrad Kinard
    I for one believe this is not a joke though it is coincidentally appearing on April Fools Day. I for one will join in support of David and burn my pairs of Athiest shoes as an act of solidarity and a welcoming . Finally. We have waited so long!
    1:57 pm on 01/04/14 Hester
    Leggy embraces are often more convincing than science.
    1:42 pm on 01/04/14 mark
    Ah. Yes. the divine calls on April 1st. Perfect.....
    1:35 pm on 01/04/14 Manuel Wolff
    Could Natalia please touch me, too?
    1:24 pm on 01/04/14 Ryan
    Lol ",because I have been touched" is when you lost me. April fools, is for keeping skeptics skeptic. Good on you hahah
    1:15 pm on 01/04/14 Ane Torine Myrhaug Bæra
    April fools?