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Atheist Shoes

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    5:06 pm on 03/05/13 Anne
    Can't wait for the upcoming vegan styles!! Agreed, Sergio - ethical atheism is the way to go! Vegan vegan vegan! :) I'll order a pair as soon as they're in!
    5:20 pm on 10/04/13 David Bonney
    not quite abby, they're a heck of a lot more comfortable. and sergio, we do have some vegan shoes on the way.
    5:13 am on 03/04/13 Abby
    Are these bowling shoes?
    4:17 am on 03/04/13 Sergio
    Why are they not vegan? Please make them vegan. There is enough scientific evidence of animal suffering. Ethical atheism, please!
    11:02 pm on 27/03/13 Joel Farkas
    Love what you're doing -- in every way...but one: The shoes aren't vegan. Other than that, the shoes are gorgeous & glorious in their godlessness. Make them vegan, and they'll have my full-throttle blessing -- and the blessings of many others...
    2:52 pm on 23/09/12 Ben
    Your shoes look amazing. If you gave me a pair I could be a walking advertisement around London ;)
    3:02 pm on 24/07/12 gl
    id really love to have those wonderful shoes, but: IM VEGAN! cant you please, please produce some without leather..? thanx
    7:13 pm on 16/07/12 Joanna
    Love my new Atheist shoes!!! Hope you'll have something open toed for next summer. The letter that came with the shoes provided an afternoon's entertainment here in Siena, Italy! Buon lavoro!!!
    3:51 am on 26/06/12 Carl
    My shoes have arrived and they fit great and are very comfortable! Thanks!
    2:44 pm on 18/06/12 Arjan
    Mine have also arrived. I guess God doesn't care enough to interfere with the shipping or He/She has no power over the German and Dutch postal system.
    1:49 pm on 18/06/12 Jacob
    Just received my shoes this morning, they look absolutely beautiful. Thank you, so much. They are the best pair of shoes i will ever own.
    2:50 pm on 16/06/12 Dani
    Received my shoes yesterday, and they are AWESOME! Fit is great, wonderful materials and construction, and the letter that came with them is just hilarious.
    3:39 pm on 12/06/12 Arjan
    Just received an email that my shoes are on the way! Yay! I've been praying for this day to come! Well, actually, I haven't ;-) Site looks great!
    2:44 pm on 11/06/12 Kevin
    Just received my shoes on Saturday. I have to say, hands down, the most comfortable shoes i've ever worn right out of the box.
    2:27 am on 05/06/12 David Bonney
    Aw, thank you for all the lovely comments guys! We're really happy with the site and all seems to be working well... except... it's... so...damn....slow. But that'll be fixed very soon.
    9:57 am on 04/06/12 Eliza
    woke up in a shiny black bubble... and it feels alright. let it roll and looking forward to some champagne times!
    10:59 pm on 03/06/12 Carl
    Great site and can't wait to put them shoes on!
    9:24 pm on 03/06/12 Jesse
    Thoughtful, unique, organized, and beautiful are a few descriptive words for the site; and all seem to have been achieved with no higher intelligence. The site is fantastic and there have been no issues with speed or connectivity on my end. Great work.
    7:09 pm on 03/06/12 Matt
    The site is beautiful, and congratulations on the launch coming off with out a hitch. May the future treat you well. Long live free though!
    11:35 pm on 02/06/12 Alisa
    David, the web ste works beautifully (on my Mac). I love the design! Very well done, as I am sure the shoes will be too. Looking forward to my pair! Darwin speed. Cheers, Alisa
    8:45 pm on 02/06/12 Craig Willis
    Love the site and can't wait for my shoes to arrive. It's been worth the wait.