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It feels good to be advertising on NPR

Atheist Shoes

When we started this business, over 3 year ago now, we planned never to spend on marketing, with the idea being that a great product and a purposeful brand identity was enough to generate "word of foot" and bring the right people to us. It's proven to be the case - most people still find us through recommendations or social media.

But when NPR wrote about us a couple of years back, it led to a spike in sales. And, when we consequently began listening to NPR, it made sense; intelligent, cultured radio is obviously for people who like ATHEIST shoes .)

And so, when we recently learned we could afford to run some ads on NPR, we leapt at the chance. Not only might we meet new, likeminded customers, but we'd sponsoring a great cause rather than pouring our $s into the pockets of some grubby media baron.

Our first campaign just ended, but we'll be running another very soon. Watch (and maybe listen) this space!



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