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Obama Wearing ATHEIST Shoes!

Atheist Shoes


Cripes, we’d love to see this!


But, sadly, it’s quite uncommon for politicians to openly declare themselves non-believers. And in most countries, the proportion of godless elected representatives is far lower than the proportion of atheists known to live in that country. Which, with politicians generally having higher-than-average education and (arguably) intellect, would suggest there are a lot of closet heathens in positions of power.

Perhaps it’s understandable – many politicians have to appeal to devout electorates and its rare these days for leaders to actually lead, vs cow-towing to mass whims. 

But wouldn’t it be great if more atheist politicians came out?        


League of Extraordinary Atheists

Ok, so Obama maybe might possibly be a true believer... even if I have a bet on him eschewing god in his retirement. But a handful of politicians have outed themselves, throughout history and in recent years, and they have mostly been reasonable, upstanding people, whose careers have not been stymied by their revelations.

I think of Ivana Bacik in Ireland. Nick Clegg in the UK. Juan Mendes in Arizona. Not flawless political super heavyweights, but worthy of our respect for being unabashed when it comes to expressing their godlessness.

It got us to thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if atheist politicians were somehow organized internationally, outside the restraints of their local politics? If politicians like these got together to share experiences, help each other, encourage other atheists to be more open and to promote the tolerance of secular thought in situations of governance?

It could be like a club or alliance, and would surely be a forerunner for something neat and progressive like the Federation in Start Trek or a political Médecines Sans Frontières.  


Free Shoes for Godless Politicians

Anyhow, we’re a shoe brand.

So there’s not a lot of clout we can bring to such an endeavor.

But we would hereby like to announce the offer of a free pair of ATHEIST shoes to any national politicians out there who are willing to admit they’re atheists, and also willing to send us a picture of them wearing their ATHEIST shoes in parliament (or equivalent). 

We’re going to contact the ones we can think of.

And, when we do, we’re also going to gauge their interest in getting together with other atheist politicians. Maybe it’s a goer, maybe it’s a silly idea... but if we can get a couple of them to skype, then who knows.

If any of you can think of openly atheist politicians in your country, we’d be grateful if you could let us know!

In the mean time, we’ll leave you with the dreamy thought of Obama addressing the US nation to admit he no longer believes in God... live on Fox News. 


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    1:10 am on 12/11/13 d3ath2fascists
    Okay, I love that you mentioned this. Unfortunately I'm stuck in the "United" States and I want to be a politician. I desperately want to help sort out the corruption and obvious distain that we have for minorities. For a country to gung ho about freedom and acceptance, the right of everyone to pursue happiness we're full of a lot of bigoted jerks who just like to insult others because they're different. Anyway, it's one of the things that frustrates me so much about our government is that if you're an atheist you can pretty much wave your dreams goodbye. People who don't understand atheism can't imagine that we actually have morals if we aren't Christian. It's disgusting. I wish there were more out of the closet atheist politicians. I'm just waiting for the day where I can run for office and not be asked my religious (or lack thereof) views. I want to be judged for who I am and what I've done, not which fairy tale I believe in.
    2:22 am on 20/10/13 Just Saying
    Surely, AtheistBerlin does not like Obama, a secular-minded Muslim who pretended to be Christian for the sake of the presidency. No? You guys condone deception en masse for political gain?
    11:08 pm on 17/10/13 Evonne Dunne
    Elio di Rupo, Prime Minister of Belgium.
    1:25 pm on 26/09/13 David Bonney
    Cheers for the comments guys! I have to add one name, after James White emailed us.... He reckons he's the highest ranking elected atheist in Texas, by virtue of the following... "1- Texas is VERY conservative - as I'm sure the whole world knows by now. We're still arguing about evolution and putting creationism in our textbooks, science ones (!) of all things. 2- All state wide offices are held by the Repulicans (conservatives). NO Atheists there. 3- All elected officials that I know of in state government at any levle are not public Atheists. 4- That then falls to the parties and their infrastructure.Each party (DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICAN) have elected PARTY members who manage the parties, hold elections, set the rules for the parties, hold conventions, etc. THERE ARE NO openly Atheist Repulicans in THE REPULICAN party structure at any level that I can find. 5- That then leaves the Democratic Party. And I know of NO open Atheists within their party structure -- except for me: James White State Democratic Executive Committeeman for Senate District 8 (Dallas and near Dallas). You can find me on this page: ​That is my picture for SD8. SD8 has about 780 THOUSAND people or so in my district, but please remember ONLY Democrats can vote for my position as it is PARTY position. Just to summarize: No Statewide Level Atheists No State Congressional Atheists 780 Thousand people makes it a district larger than most mayors in Texas ​​-> I think that makes me the highest ranking elected Atheist in Texas!" Is he right? Kinda shocking if so. So if anyone knows of any other openly atheist elected officials in Texas, please let us know! James shares this with us in the hopes of encouraging others to come out... so if we can get atheist politicians in Texas talking to each other, at the very least, that would be something!
    3:24 am on 26/09/13 Kevin
    Pauline Marois, premier of Quebec.
    2:44 am on 26/09/13 Trevor
    I'm guessing being on the advisory board for my city Parks and Recreation department isn't visible enough. Gimme a few years. I'll get somewhere better for you folks.
    12:29 am on 26/09/13 Bronwyn Mibus
    Julia Gillard. First female Prime minister of Australia. Athiest and proud of it.
    9:08 pm on 25/09/13 Mika
    From Finland Current minister of foreign affairs Erkki Tuomioja Member of parliament Jussi Halla-Aho Member of parliament Olli Immonen Member of parliament Jyrki Yrttiaho Former Member of parliament Rosa Meriläinen
    7:51 pm on 25/09/13 Kate
    There's Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), who is currently the only openly atheist member of US Congress, who also happens to be the first openly bisexual member.
    6:09 pm on 25/09/13 Felix
    Fredrik Reinfeldt, Prime minister of Sweden is openly atheist.