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Really chuffed with feature in Co.DESIGN (Fast Company)!

Atheist Shoes

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    1:38 am on 23/01/14 Cody
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    12:38 pm on 28/10/12 Sean
    I cannot say enough about these shoes! Growing up in New England, I am always concerned about the warmth and durability of a shoe during the winter, and because these shoes are finely crafted out of leather, they are not only stylish -- but warm! The skin of another animal, what could be warmer than that?! These shoes are changing me in ways I never expected. I have never had a pair of shoes this nice before, and I'm starting to think I deserve it! Since buying these shoes my monthly income as a freelancer has nearly doubled! I have a new found confidence that is solidified in every step I take! Every move I make! I can't stop watching these shoes!!