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ATHEIST is still in business!

Atheist Shoes

Well, the sad news is that Natalia dumped me this morning... here she is giving a press conference about it. 


But the GREAT news is that I found godlessness again and ATHEIST Shoes is back in business!

Seriously, it was a lot of fun yesterday. And I'm relieved not too many of you took our prank seriously. But, to those who were moved by my post and feared the worst, I am very sorry and thank you for being such good sports! Also, top marks to the Christian Post for helping Tobin to figure out that this might be an April Fools scam

A lot of you took advantage of our "Closing Down Sale" so I hope the temporary demise of ATHEIST was a good experience for everyone :)

And I now officially promise that we will NEVER do April Fools again... so anything we post next April 1st is entirely legitimate and to be believed. Ok? 





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    11:37 pm on 02/04/14 Wess
    Wow this is great i was so worried you were being serious! Im really mad that i didn't use the opportunity for the discount though. And sorry about the breakup dude!
    10:18 pm on 02/04/14 Krista
    Jesus christ! Don't do that again!! :-)
    9:04 pm on 02/04/14 Marie
    Happy sigh.
    2:00 pm on 02/04/14 Vera
    Whew - that's a relief. Thought I'd lost a good shoe shop ....
    1:36 pm on 02/04/14 Fatıh
    Do you know the story about the boy who cried ' Wolf ! ' once too more?