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“Utterly Brilliant” – FAST COMPANY DESIGN chooses ATHEIST as one of their products of the year, 2012

Atheist Shoes

Well, this means an awful lot to us. One of the most influential and tasteful design publications there is has chosen our shoes as one of their favourite products of 2012.

And not because of the Atheist branding, but because of the integrity and aesthetics of the design. We put so much effort into creating the perfect shoe, sticking as closely as we could to principles of Bauhaus design and trying to bring back a minimalist aesthetic that has been missing from shoe design in recent years. And we couldn't be happier with the result - a shoe that feels elegant yet casual, simple yet attention-grabbing, incredibly comfortable but with only a minimum of materials... and classic, as if of the 1930s, whilst at the same time feeling new, different and somehow a step forward.

Thank you to everyone at Fast Company Design!




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