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Vegan-friendly Atheist Shoes are here!!

Atheist Shoes

So here's a glimpse of the vegans we have so far... Portobello Cognac and Lucky Kitten.

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    6:24 am on 21/02/14 Daniel
    I'd do anything for an all black vegan version!
    7:01 pm on 14/01/14 Atheist Shoes
    Hey Vegnac, sorry for the slow response... but yes, it's only temporary :) we'll have some new size 40s very soon! At the same time, do read our size guide as we ask customers to measure their own feet, just to be sure, as different shoe brands offer slightly different interpretations of what a "40" should be.
    6:08 pm on 07/01/14 vegnac
    Hey, I'm really in love with the Portobello Cognac vegan shoes, but you don't seem to be offering my size (40). Please tell me this is just temporary, I haven't been able to fit into size 39 since I was 13 and size 41 feels like I'm walking around in flippers! TT__TT
    1:10 pm on 03/01/14 Dylan
    Glorious! I've been waiting for these since you guys first appeared on kickstarter, and I will be buying a pair of both!