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We’re gonna drive a Mobile Shoe Shop across the USA!

Atheist Shoes

The USA has always been our number 1 market, and we love to pop-up in NY, SF, LA. But isn't it about time we took the ungodly comfort of our shoes inland, away from the progressive, liberal seaboards? 


The answer is, yes. YES it is! We've launched a Kickstarter to raise enough money to buy, equip and support a Mobile Shoe Shop, nay an Atheist Shoes Missionary Fun Bus, as it criss-crossed the USA, reaching those hard to reach places, where people still like Ted Cruz and love their Crocs. 

We'll take the most beautiful retro bus we can find, renovate it to the height od snazz... fill it with young, eager, friendly European atheists... and shoes, of course... and unleash this loving heathen package on the USA, spreading comfort and godless joy wherever we go. 

Our campaign is live here:

And we've just crossed the first threshold, meaning we have enough to buy the first bus! But there's still 6 weeks left for the campaign to run, and we've got a LOT of states to get to... so we're grateful for any and all further pledges!  

We'll be doing our usual trick, of rewarding backers with shoes... ridiculously comfy, handmade shoes. So it's win win all around... you get shoes, we get a bus... and one heck of an adventure in the USA (which we will document on film, for your later enjoyment). 


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