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We're mainly an ecommerce business - we sell the bulk of our shoes via this website. But we do love to pop-up in different cities, particularly in the USA. And, if you're ever in Berlin, you're welcome to come by our Menagerie and try a pair on. 


The ATHEIST Menagerie is at Sophienstrasse 8, in Mitte (closest U-bahn Weinmeisterstrasse). We're open 12 - 7pm on Monday, Thursday & Friday and 12 - 6pm on Saturday. 



If you can't get to Berlin, then hopefully we'll manage to hold a pop-up shop somewhere a little closer to you.  We've already 'popped-up' in Stockholm, San Francisco, Oslo, Dublin, Portland, Seattle and New York. And we'll be doing a bus tour of America - effectively a mobile shoe shop - at some point in 2018. 


As for finding Atheist Shoes in the shops, there are a handful of independent boutiques who we really like and we're chuffed that they want to sell our shoes. We're always happy to talk to stores who might be interested in stocking us. 

At the same time, our hope for this project has always been that we could build a sustainable business, purely by selling shoes direct from our website, with few if any retailers in between ourselves and our customers. And so far it seems to be working - cutting out the middleman has allowed us to keep prices reasonable, whilst still offering better quality and craftsmanship than you'll find in the big highstreet chains. And here's hoping we can keep things that way for a long time to come!




(a picture of the imaginary atheist revolutionary drop-in centre we founded in Berlin in 1969)