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    1:48 am on 14/04/16 Atheist Shoes
    Happy (extended) April Fools everyone!
    1:39 am on 14/04/16 Atheist Shoes
    Hello Rob, FAP is indeed satire - it's our annual April Fools effort to become exactly the opposite of what we are (in past years we have found god and made shoes out of pets). Most people thankfully weren't taken in for long this year - and you were missing the most important context, stumbling upon this 4 days after the 1st of April (our web guy is on holiday and we'd much rather leave this up a few days more than interrupt his well earned break). Needless to say, we agree with all you write and we hope we can one day tempt you back into our shoeniverse.
    9:10 pm on 05/04/16 Robby
    Hi team! First of all, I love your shoes and your premise. Beautiful all around. Cheers. Here's a bit of constructive criticism: it's not immediately clear to me as a consumer if the FAP policy is satire or not. If it is, perhaps lay it on a little thicker. If it is not, then you may consider nixing this policy. I think I'm pretty much in line with your target demo: I'm an urban, educated, twentysomething atheist with some disposable income and, if I may be so bold, decent fashion sense. I follow many atheist forums and subreddits (I heard about you on Reddit originally). The vibe in many atheist spaces is much more body-positive than the FAP copy conveys. The humanist cross-section of atheists would be turned off by this idea. Frankly, I was all set to buy a pair of your shoes until I saw the FAP page. Now, I would feel a little embarrassed to be seen with your brand. I understand that you handle FAP inquiries 'case by case,' but it still seems ableist. Some folks simply cannot get their faces or bodies to look a certain way, no matter how much money, time, and effort they spend. To those people, FAP cannot be seen as 'an encouragement to self-improve,' but as a discriminatory, shallow practice. I wonder how many people like me have scanned through your page and been excited about an unabashedly atheist and forward-thinking company--only to be discouraged by this old-school rhetoric. The copy runs counter to the brand. As a small company, your brand voice is crucial, and most atheists I know are trying to move past the exclusivity they experienced in religion. Otherwise, I love your brand and would love to support you. Perhaps I am alone; maybe consider hosting some focus groups and gathering some more feedback about this. Wish you all the best, Rob