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The Story of Hole

We feel a bit corporate and silly thinking about a 'logo' for an atheist shoe brand.

But we do want to make atheists visible to each other and we realise that having some kind of recognisable design feature might help.




But what should it be?

There are already hundreds of symbols for atheism and none of them tickle us in quite the right place... either they're too sciency, or too literal, or just plain ugly.



Well, our solution is inspired by a Christian friend (thanks Matt) who accused us of having god-shaped-holes. And we think a gaping, BLACK HOLE is absolutely perfect!

  • Just like atheism, a black hole is an inviting void, an exquisite blank canvas, begging to be filled with something uniquely meaningful to you... be it yoga... or kittens... or spaghetti carbonara...  whatever.
  • The most powerful entity in the universe is probably a black hole, not some god.
  • It represents pupil-like perception, penetrating insight... “aha! god is dead!"
  • And what says “I believe in nothing” better than nothing?



The Gallery

Maybe it's the nihilist bauhausists in us, but we’d like to celebrate round, black holes, in all their inviting emptiness. So we’ve created this gallery to house some of the most beautiful black holes we can find (although some aren’t black and some aren’t holes).  

We’d love you to add to our gallery – if you have a “black hole”, please send it to Ditto, if you know the source of any of the holes we've been unable to identify (or too lazy to), please let us know!