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Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes

You may have seen our Kickstarter campaign ( ...which is now sadly deceased... but, you can still purchase Atheist Baby Shoes here!

Our super-comfy, handmade leather shoes for babies, are dedicated to the only supreme beings they believe in; Mummy & Daddy.

The baby shoe is just as snuggly and comfy as our grown-up shoe, handmade with a very soft, untreated leather and 100% cotton teddy bear fur.

But the real magic happens on the sole, where we've screen-printed homages such as... "I believe in Mummy" and "I believe in Daddy".

Of course, we also have same sex pairings, for babies with 2 Mummies or 2 Daddies. And we also recognise another higher power, with the statement "I believe in Booby". Please email us if you'd like any of these combinations:

It may also be possible to make a vegan-friendly pair, in a cigar-brown. Again, drop us an email if you'd like to have those.
Sizing is as follows:

S / 0-6 MONTHS / 9.5 - 11cm
M / 6-12 MONTHS / 10.5 - 12cm
L / 12-18 MONTHS / 11.5 - 13cm
XL / 18-24 MONTHS / 12.5 - 14.5cm
  • Price €50.00
  • (includes shipping to anywhere, courtesy of DHL)
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