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Is there a lucky duck in your life who you feel should experience the loving softness of ATHEIST shoes? But you're not quite sure what size or colour they'd like?

Well, this ATHEIST Gift Certificate is the way forward!

Place an order, and we'll email you a PDF of this Certificate, including a unique CODE, entitling your jammy heathen to shoes or boots worth up to €210, on

All you have to do is print the Certificate on some nice paper and hand it to the person you have in mind (wow, they're really gonna think you like them a whole lot)... OR simply email it to the them... upon which they can peruse our site and pick out the shoes of their dreams!

If you'd like the DISCOUNT CODE to be personalised, please send an email with the name of the recipient to within 24 hours of ordering. And these certificates have no expiry date... they'll be valid for as long as we exist, which will hopefully be a very long time indeed.

*** You also have the option to purchase a gift certificate with a different amount - just get in touch at and we'll sort you out! Alternatively, the bearer of this certificate is also free to pay the difference if there's something they'd like which costs more than the price of this certificate ***
  • Price €210.00
  • (includes shipping to anywhere, courtesy of DHL)
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