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Nabokov Cream (ICH BIN ATHEIST sole)

Nabokov Cream (ICH BIN ATHEIST sole)

Is there anything more beautiful in life than the pure, sweet, wondrous innocence of an unblemished, open and untainted soul?

Yes… the delightful process of getting that sole so fucking filthily dirty, and soiling its purity with so much titiliating sin and hedonistic whoredom that it can scarcely remember what colour it was to begin with.

This creamy, blank canvas of a handmade shoeling is resplendent in its off-white milky maidenhood… but not for long, the little nymph, for you will introduce it to the real world… blemishing and sullying it with every step you take.

You're about to make a grown-up of this shoe.

(NB – this shoe may get a little grubby as you wear it, but it is possible to clean her and, in any case, we think she looks better when grubby and worn. Also worth noting that she is not an absolutely white shoe to begin with, but rather an off-white cream colour... still a marvelous blank canvas, but we're not so perverse as to put a perfectly white shoe out there in the big bad world... that would be sick).

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