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Double Choc (no chips)

Double Choc (no chips)

Ok, so you want a two-tone shoe, but you really just want one colour?

Well, some shoemakers might call that demanding, but we see the opportunity to renovate a classic!

We used to make a shoe called the "melty chocolate"; it was comfy as hell, all brown nubuck, and just an all-round great shoe. But it lacked pizzazz, somehow... felt like something your geography teacher used to wear... like who chooses brown when grey or blue or mustard are available?

But then we made the Bitter Chocolate boot, and it was ruddy awesome - the smooth Napa leather was that bit more classy and sleek - suddenly our Geography teacher was lepping into Prussian officer's riding boot territory... or something.

So now we're transplanting two sides of Bitter Chocolate onto a toe-tongue spine of Melty, and the result is a rather fetching, classy-come-comfy, going-out-going-to-work shoe, in the vein of our Hollygoblackly. All we're missing is the innovative name... Double Choc (no chips). Hard to think of anything else once chocolate is involved.

To cap it all, it's lined with bum-tinglingly soft calfskin and soled with our classic rubber ICH BIN ATHEIST declaration of godlessness.
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