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This is the charming little brother of DAS COGNAC BOOT, made from the same gorgeously waxy "pull-up leather" but in the form of a low-top, rather than a high-top. So now you can experience all that cognac leathery goodness, without having to hide your (no doubt) beautiful ankles or socks!

For now, this is a limited edition - but if the success of it's booty older sibling is anything to go by, we might let it stick around for a while.

Pull-up leather is so called because, when pulled or stressed, the oils or waxes cause the colour to migrate and become lighter in certain areas. This video illustrates nicely...

Using a pull up leather means that little marks and scratches will appear on the shoe as you wear it, giving it a distressed or aged look. But the beautiful thing is that if you rub the leather the marks will fade away and the original colour of the leather is restored.

This shoe still has the same lusciously soft calfskin lining on the inside and, so, is just as comfy as our previous creations, with the same, 100% rubber, ICH BIN ATHEIST sole on the bottom. Jawohl!
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