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Once upon a time, we made a shoe, called the Kitten Testicle Grey. It was a good shoe. And the shoe was good. And it became our best-selling shoe of all time EVER.

Three years, and a whole lot of kitten-testicle-stroking later, a customer asked us - "Can I have the kitten testicle grey, but like as a boot, instead of a shoe?" And we said yes. And we made the boot. And the boot was good.

Our nubuck kitten is all grown up now - a full 4cm taller than he was - but as playful, soft and gorgeously grey as ever. Handmade from a supple nubuck leather, lined with ridiculously comfortable calfskin, and sporting a debossed ICH BIN ATHEIST rubber sole.

This boot will mostly kick the ass of any other boot in the world, mostly.

  • Price €220.00
  • (includes shipping to anywhere, courtesy of DHL)
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PLEASE bitte read our SIZE GUIDE before choosing your shoes, even if you're familiar with European sizes! We're a fledgling operation and can’t yet afford to offer free shipping on returns, which is why we'll do all we can to help you get the perfect size first time.

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