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Remember all those times you've gazed longingly at our DAS PETROL BOOT and wished there was a shoe version of it? Nope? Well trust us, it happened... a lot... we were there, every time, all through the night, sitting at the end of your bed, watching you toss and turn, sopping in perspiration, deep in a low-topless nightmare of petrol-shoelessness, the yearning settling into your psyche and biding its while, bound to one day manifest in some uncharacteristic and less-than-seemly outburst or something.

Unless, that is, you open your heart to the new news we can now share... for DAS PETROL SHOE is here!

Yes, it's exactly the same as our DAS PETROL BOOT, but in a shoe. Simple. Smooth benisa leather, check. Bum-tinglingly soft calfskin lining, check. Sexy petrol blue colour, check check check! And all because YOU asked for it (even if you don't remember it... but you did, we were there).

A beautiful untreated Benisa leather upper, soft and a little waxy to the touch, with 100% calfskin lining and a rubber sole, lovingly debossed with the phrase ICH BIN ATHEIST. The Benisa is a little more traditional than the nubuck used in our low-top shoes, but just as soft and the fit is exactly the same. Also, given our leather isn't pickled with artificial fixers, the colour will naturally marble and bleed out over time, resulting in a beautiful vintage appearance.

  • Price €199.00
  • (includes shipping to anywhere, courtesy of DHL)
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