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A tribute to the beautiful city where we make our shoes and enjoy the richly-coloured-and-flavoured local Port wine. The vino verde and duck rice are also pretty awesome, but we don't have shoes with those colours... yet...

Handmade from a top-grain, Benisa leather, it feels über-soft and a little waxy to the touch... almost like a Napa leather, and just as supple as the Nubuck we use in our low-top shoes. What is more, with no artificial fixers or preservatives, the natural dye will marble a little, over time, resulting in a beautiful vintage appearance.

To top it off, we line the boot with 100% calfskin lining for a ridiculous level of silky soft comfort, and a rubber sole, lovingly debossed with the phrase ICH BIN ATHEIST.

(These boots are handmade-to-order, and take about 4 to 6 weeks to finish).
  • Price €185.00
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