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Size Guide

Our size guide is correct about 94% of the time. So please read this page, as it'll GREATLY improve the likelihood of you ordering the right size.

Shoe sizing is bloody confusing, especially when you’re converting from a system you're familiar with to something foreign (e.g. US to European). The confusion isn’t helped by different shoe companies having different “fits” (the outrageous vanity of it!) and by some countries having multiple size scales (e.g. US where there are 2 scales for men and 2 for women).

All our sizes are European, on a single unisex scale, from 35 to 49. And we think it's the most simple and sensible sizing system in the world. 

Rather than using size conversion charts, we ask you to MEASURE YOUR FOOT... and we encourage you to do this even if you're familiar with European sizes!

You can click here for instructions on how to measure your feet. Once you know your foot's length (in cm) you can then calculate your European size, according to this formula:

SIZE = 1.5 x (foot length in cm + 1.5)

That means, if your foot length is 28.5cm, you add 1.5 (giving you 30) before multiplying by 1.5 to give you a European Shoe Size of 45 (assuming you have a normal width of foot). If you have a very wide foot, you might be more comfortable going one size bigger than your foot length dictates (e.g. a 28.5cm long foot with 11cm+ width might prefer a size 46). 


Some friends of ours measured their feet and you can see their foot outlines here, along with the sizes that fit them best. 


Two of our friends had wider than average feet, and one of them a higher arch. For these reasons they felt more comfortable going with a shoe one size bigger than their foot length dictates.... Julia was a 37 by length but was more comfortable in a size 38, and a Thomas was 43 in length but more comfortable in a 44. You can see their foot outlines here.

Overall, our shoes fit very normally. Although it’s worth summarising some observations:

  • Our shoes are average in width, but they can cope with wider than normal feet. However, if your foot is very wide, you might feel more comfortable going 1 size bigger than your foot length dictates. You will likely know that your foot is wide if you have had problems in the past with the width of some shoes, although you are welcome to send us your width measurements, or pictures of your foot outline with a tape measure running both length-wise and width-wise, if you're unsure ( 
  • If caught between 2 sizes (e.g. you measure as a 37.5) it comes down to a matter of personal preference as to whether you should go for the bigger or smaller size (38 or 37), but in general we find it is safer to go with the bigger size, especially if you are male. If you choose the smaller size, it may feel a little tight for the first wear, but the leather of the shoes should relax around the shape of your foot, so that the shoe becomes comfortable over time. Furthermore, it's possible to remove the footbed/insole from our shoes, which immediately gives you and extra 4mm of volume, whilst the shoe experience will still be very comfortable. And, if you decide to go with the safer option of taking the bigger of two sizes, the expansive length of our lacing area means you can tighten a larger shoe quite a bit, to increase the snugness. 
  • Women may be used to buying slightly bigger sizes than they actually are, due to the extra toe length on many feminine, pointy shoes. So don't be surprised if your measured foot size is smaller than you expected. We find amongst those of our women customers, caught between two sizes, that it often works out equally well for them to go with the smaller OR the larger size. 
  • After all this, if your size doesn’t fit, you are of course welcome to exchange it for a different size. Again, we’re only a fledgling business and we can’t yet offer free shipping on returned goods (either from you to us, or us back to you), but a little more spent on shipping is better than not being able to wear your shoes... so we do encourage you to ask for another size in the event you don’t get it right first time.