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    7:15 pm on 01/04/15 Hugo Minzblatt
    hi, i would like to know, if can also charge you with my dead born child. That way i can show my kid Brasilia and i get it back on top of my feet as cheap as possible (as is, as i certainly have to pay a fair price for the product-designers in fuckin awesome berlin).
    7:06 pm on 01/04/15 Andrew
    I have a few recently deceased animals I have been looking to do something really cool for, such as this. A large black bear, two snakes, and a tiger that I ended up with from a retired zoo animal sanctuary. I have only skinned a tiger a couple times before and don't believe my workmanship would be acceptable. Can you send a very large box and possibly an estimation for post? Also, do you think it possible to accomplish a full Tracht, using mostly bear and tiger and trimmed with snake? I'm thinking along the lines of Landhausmode by Shaquille O'Neal.
    3:52 pm on 01/04/15 Atheist Shoes
    i don't think we need to worry... it probably won't catch on :)
    3:19 pm on 01/04/15 Li
    This cracked me up! You guys are the greatest. Happy April Fools' Day.
    2:53 pm on 01/04/15 Cleo Jones
    I love this concept. The sad thing is that if it makes money I'm sure the Asian market will start to harm and kill dogs for their skins. How can you avoid this from happening?