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  • 5:45 pm on 19/05/18 Dennis Donald

    Fellow Atheists do you have any plans to make DAS SNEAKER in awfully black suede?

    • 6:04 pm on 25/05/18 Atheist Shoes

      Not suede, but we do have it in nubuck… which is much higher quality than suede but has a similar velvety feeling. Email us if you’re keen: Thanks!

  • 3:40 pm on 19/05/18 Donovan

    My experience with Atheist has been one of the most rewarding interactions I’ve had with a company in my life. I can verify that they are the definition of quality at every aspects of their process; the shoes, the shipment, the customer service. I am, quite frankly, in awe and hope to emulate their business practices in the future. The shoes are spectacular; the people behind the shoes are even better. Thank you all for being wonderful.

    • 6:14 pm on 25/05/18 Atheist Shoes

      Thank you Donovan, for the very lovely word! I’m very touched that you’ve taken the time to write this. It was a genuine pleasure meeting and dealing with you and I hope our paths cross again.

  • 9:03 am on 15/04/18 Sandy Sheehy

    I enjoyed meeting you and Nanni yesterday at your Berlin shop, Dave. I’ve never had so much fun buying shoes before. The shoes themselves are beautiful and feel like a dream — such fine leather and craftsmanship. I’ve got the mustard boots on now. They match the skirt I’m wearing to lunch today. It will be difficult to decide which — those or the petrol — to keep with me for the next three months in Europe and which to send back to New Mexico.

    The Syrian restaurant I thought was so good was Yarok Fine Syrian Cuisine from Damascus at Torstrasse 195. It’s right where Tucholskystrasse dead-ends into Torstrasse, so it’s not far from your shop. Despite the name, the atmosphere is totally casual. My husband and I ordered the Yarok Platter with Meat, loved it, and wound up taking about a quarter of it home.

    Sandy Sheehy
    Albuquerque, New Mexico (and Berlin)

    • 6:15 pm on 25/05/18 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Sandy, thank you for taking the time to wrote this feedback! It was really nice to meet you too and we hope to try out that restaurant imminently :) All best.

  • 4:41 am on 13/04/18 Gary

    Just received my sneakers, it takes time to get to Australia; they are really nice. I have never before worn a pair of mustard coloured shoes; its fabulous.



    • 6:16 pm on 25/05/18 Atheist Shoes

      Lovely to hear. Thanks Gary!

  • 1:06 pm on 27/03/18 Robbie Burton-Sanigar

    I wondered if you ever sell an extra shoe with pairs of shoes in case you lose one?

    • 6:16 pm on 25/05/18 Atheist Shoes

      :) actually we have done!

  • 9:10 am on 20/03/18 TARAH N AUSBURN

    This is a question, not a comment. Are any of these shoes made with non-animal parts? I love the shoes and the message, but I don’t wear leather or suede.

    • 7:19 pm on 20/03/18 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Tarah, yes indeed! we have some vegan-friendly black boots, though we don’t currently offer them on our website. Some sizes we have in stock and ready to ship straight away, other sizes we’d have to make for you from scratch. If you’re interested, please send us an email (, with your size, and we’ll take it from there. Thanks!

  • 7:39 pm on 28/01/18 Robert Pettus

    Just receive my fourth and fifth pair of shoes. This time I got two pairs of sneakers and Am again absolutely impressed with their style and comfort.
    The petrol blue and red nubuck pairs I just received have caused compliments from everyone who has seen them.
    I have never thought of myself as a shoe enthusiast
    but with atheist shoes that is totally changed. I have never been able to find shoes that fit me comfortably given the shape of my feet.
    I now look at my closet and simply want to discard every pair of shoes I own and only have Atheist.
    Truly the most comfortable and stylish shoes I have ever owned her wished own in the future. I cannot recommend them more highly and the wonderful group of people associated with the design and manufacture of the shoes. It’s an honor to be able to find such great shoes that are so incredibly comfortable.
    Thank you David and Team

  • 12:22 pm on 25/01/18 Christian Weiten

    Thank god ;-) I received my sneakers yesterday and, hey, I’m smashed! Green, black and cognac – so beautiful, smooth and nice to wear. Thank you a thousand times for three perfect pairs of shoes. Now I am waiting for beeing able to walk in the snow, making a statement on my atheism …

  • 10:05 pm on 19/01/18 Paul Crowe

    DAs Sneakers arrived today and I just love them! Not just cool and sexy but comfortable and I just want to touch them, they are incredibly tactile, thank you Nana for the to see about Das Boot!!

  • 2:31 am on 17/01/18 Travis

    Hello! I just received my new atheist sneakers today and I am beyond impressed. I have to admit I was a little concerned at first because I fit into a U.S. size 11.5 (or 12) with a wider foot. After sending in my measurements your team recommended I purchase a size 46. They are absolutely perfect! I have never felt such a comfortable shoe. These are designed with quality and passion and it shows. It feels like the perfect pair of shoes. I am an extremely satisfied customer and I would like to inquire about purchasing additional colors. The Atheist message on the bottom is very special to me. You have a wonderful product here! Amazing service. Quality built to perfection. I am really taken back. Thank you for making my favorite shoes I’ve ever owned.
    – Travis :)

  • 7:29 pm on 22/12/17 Atheist Shoes

    Hey Rick,

    Good to hear from you. I love the Darwin Tree of Life sole too… no plans to produce it though, as we already have 3 sneakers soles on the go (ICH BIN, Voyager & Bauhaus)… but we could do a one-off bespoke version for you, by laser. It would take 3 month though, and it’d cost a few euros more. I don’t have a picture to hand, unfortunately, but I’ll continue searching for it… I think we sold the original pair. If you are keen, drop us a note at, and we can discuss the details. Thanks!

    • 7:30 pm on 22/12/17 Atheist Shoes

      PS – don’t know what happened to your original message Rick, but you know what it was about :) We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

  • 4:11 pm on 17/12/17 jhm

    I do love my “hellfire reds!” I notice they are no longer on the site. Were they not selling? If I wanted to get this color again, would it be possible? In boots?

    • 7:23 pm on 22/12/17 Atheist Shoes

      Hey there, for sure! We can make you some hellfire red boots. They were selling, but we had a little too much colour choice on the website, so something had to give. Could you pop us an email at Then we can get the ball rolling :)

  • 12:38 am on 05/11/17 Harry Dennis

    I have a pair of Holly Go Blackley shoes that I really like! My wife likes hers too -0 but both of us have to double tie the laces to keep the laces from dragging on the ground. They are brown and about 140 cm long. Can we get shorter laces that will still work but won’t drag on the ground?
    The shoes are incredibly comfortable!

    • 3:12 pm on 08/11/17 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks Harry, glad you like the shoes! And well-noted about the laces… you’re not alone in finding our recent batch too long. We’re on the case and hope to have slightly shorter laces again soon.

  • 11:51 pm on 17/09/17 Gavin Grimm

    Can’t remember if I’ve already reviewed but–

    Wonderful shoes. Handsome and extremely comfortable. My favorite godless accessory. However, the red paint on the inside of the lettering began to wear essentially immediately, even with only light use.

    • 12:37 am on 20/09/17 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Gavin, I think I know the issue you’re talking about – we had a batch of soles made late last year where the red paint on the lettering didn’t hold as well as it should around the edges. It may have been a case of the wrong preparative adhesive being used. I think it was a blip and we’re on top of it now, but that doesn’t help you… I’m sorry your lettering wasn’t more robust. Glad they’re still your favourite accessory though and thanks for taking the time to feed back!

  • 1:56 pm on 13/09/17 salvatore

    Last weekend I bought a pair of

    Yesterday when I was trying them for the first time at home I realized they are one size too big. I still have the receipt….can I change them?

    I am gonna be back in berlin the 5th of october, would that work?


    • 12:34 am on 20/09/17 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Salvatore, can you mail us? It shouldn’t be a problem if they’re still unworn. But I’m wondering what went wrong with the sizing if you tried them on in the shop… and I do wonder if the feeling of our shoes is just less restrictive and more comfy than you’re used to, i.e. maybe going down one size will be too much. Anyhow, let’s see .)

  • 7:53 am on 08/09/17 Rob Moore

    Hi, my name is Rob and I’m an American who bought a pair of grey shoes about a month ago while in Berlin. I have been loving and enjoying the shoes, probably the best pair I’ve ever owned. But a few days ago the soul of one of the shoes came out of place and now when i try to wear the shoes the soul just bunches up near the toe. How should I fix this? It’s made the shoes unwearable which is rather regrettable because I like them a lot, thanks -Rob

    • 1:33 pm on 09/09/17 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Rob, I think you mean the footbed, or the insole, right? Rather than the rubber sole of the shoe? It’s unusual, the scrunched up foorbed, but it’s easily remedied. First thing to say is that it’s not essential the footbeds are stuck in place and perhaps the best thing you can do is remove it entirely and then reposition it in the shoe. There should just be 2 globs of glue holding the footbed in place, at front and back… and it could be we already removed the insole once, when you were trying on the shoes, which would explain why it isn’t attached now. So I’d first of all try repositioning it. Alternatively, you can remove the footbed entirely and wear the shoes without it… it’s only a couple of mm thick and the shoes are almost as comfortable without it. If the footbed has become so scrunched at the toe that it’s got a permanent fold in it, and you can’t get it flat again, then we’ll happily send you a new one – can you mail us with your postal address? Or, if you don’t want to wait, you can use any footbed in there… e.g. a Dr. Scholl, or something borrowed from a sneaker. I hope that helps! Please mail us with a picture of the footbed if you’d like us to comment further. All best.

  • 7:11 am on 04/09/17 Johan Bogaeus

    Is there no chance there will be a pair of yellow boots size 38 coming in soon? Would so much give them to my girlfriend for birthday…
    Best regards

    • 6:38 pm on 04/09/17 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Johan,
      We’re just about to start making some! Though they won’t be ready until early/mid October. Is that too late? I can reserve a pair for you if not…

  • 6:59 am on 31/07/17 Sebastian Failla

    Hello Germany…this is Australia calling…..Sorry for a silly question ?

    If I order 1 pair of DAS Sneakers in PULL Up Cognac & 1 pair of DAS Black Boot from your online website, am i charged 1 or 2 delivery charges to Australia ?


    is the delivery charges built into the cost of each pair of shoe and thus no separate delivery charge ?


    • 12:46 am on 01/08/17 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Sebastian, the delivery cost is built into the charge of each shoe, so there’s no separate delivery charge. If both shoes were ready at different times, we’d sent them separately. And, if they’re both ready at once, the cost of shipping 2 pairs is a little more than the cost of shipping 1. Though actually it’s not double the shipping price… so i should be rights give you like a 10 euro discount if you order both pairs. And I will! Just mail me and I’ll send a discount code in return: .)

  • 2:35 pm on 23/07/17 Razeef

    One of the most comfortable shoes I have ever own.The leather is beautiful, really supple inners and fits perfectly. They have a precise sizing chart, would strongly encourage to follow the instructions to the letter for a perfect fit. Now that I have tried the boots, can’t wait for the sneakers project to materialised , I have backed them too on kickstarter. Their customer support is top notch..thanks Nana for responding to my mails.


    • 12:47 am on 01/08/17 Atheist Shoes

      Thank you Razeef! It’s been a pleasure. Thank you for your kind words & for backing our Kickstarter!

  • 10:50 pm on 18/07/17 Rick Houghton

    Pleeaaassse put some pictures of the Das Sneaker sole up! We swung by the shop whilst on holiday in May specifically to get a pair of these – they couldn’t be any more up my strasse if they tried!

    • 12:49 am on 01/08/17 Atheist Shoes

      Wort on the strasse is that Nana is still working on the soles! Watch this space… she’ll have them cracked by the end of August. And DAS SNEAKER won’t end with the Kickstarter… hopefully we’ll be selling it here for years to come. Thanks Rick!

  • 6:09 pm on 06/07/17 Justin

    Please bring back the vegan shoes…pretty please!!!

    • 12:50 am on 01/08/17 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Justin, we totally still make vegan shoes to order! We just don’t have them in stock, is all. They’re far too precious and rare to keep on a shelf .)

  • 5:52 pm on 26/06/17 Martin

    My Das Sneakers arrived lightning fast: they showed up at my front door in New York City only 19 hours after they were shipped! I didn’t get home from work for another 8 hours, so I had to content myself with a text from my wife: “your shoes arrived.”

    I finally opened the box that evening and my first impression — even more beautiful than I had imagined! (and they came with Haribo gummies, mmmmm!) The fit felt fine, size perfect, color perfect and the buttery leather is amazing. I really like the design, it looks like a sneaker but at the same time it has the classic Bauhaus look of the Atheist shoes — I imagine wearing them with a summer suit.

    Unfortunately, there was torrential downpour the next day, so Das Sneakers stayed in the box.

    This morning, it was sunny out so I decided to wear them on a walk to the local farmer’s market.
    My first test drive of the sports model: stiff suspension, but great support; excellent cornering and acceleration without sacrificing any of the comfort of the “sedan” model.

    Strangers on the street seem to be nodding at me… then I realize they are all looking down at my Petrol Napa clad feet.

    Thank you!

    • 12:54 am on 01/08/17 Atheist Shoes

      Ahhhhh, the petrol napa. THAT was the hardest Das Sneaker to part with so far. Tears were shed and hopes were whispered as we packed them up and sent them on their little way. And, by the reading of things, they just might be living up to our hopes! Thank you for taking the time to give such glowing feedback – I hope they’re still going well – and please plllleeeeeease get them wet! They’ll get spoiled and brattish if you keep them just for sunny days.

  • 10:55 pm on 25/06/17 Patrick

    Dear Atheist team,

    Thanks a lot for the new sneakers. This sneaker is the next level up from your awesome shoe. The quality, as far as I can judge it after 8 days, is excellent. I already have two pairs of shoes from you, which have, despite me wearing them frequently, not shown much signs of aging.

    While the top of the sneaker is similar to the old shoe, the new thing with the sneaker is the added comfort of the sole. The sole was always loved by my soul and made it feel well. But now the sneaker’s sole is also doing just that with my feet. As a side effect of the thicker sole, the sneaker makes you 1.5 cm taller.

    The shoe appears sturdy and seems to contain metal. I know, because I failed a metal detector test at the airport and had the joy to interact with the security. It started a discussion about the shoe and I got compliments for the looks of the shoe and some insecure smiles once they discovered the message. Thanks for giving me frequent opportunities to talk about atheism!

    Over the last 3 days, I put my sneakers to the test. I gave been waking and standing around at a conference for 10+ hours. With grey pants and a white shirt, the shoe certainly fits “business casual”. Today I walked 14km around Stanley Park, Vancouver (in the back of the picture) and I enjoyed it. Hands down the most comfortable “business” shoe I ever had.

    Thanks a lot and please keep doing what you love!

    Dr. Patrick Britz

    • 12:52 am on 01/08/17 Atheist Shoes

      Thank you again for all the lovely and honest feedback, Patrick! And it was a pleasure to meet you in our store. I hope DAS SNEAKER is still going strong. You must be approaching the 1000km mark, by now, if your first weekend is indicative of what was to come? .)

  • 1:40 pm on 21/05/17 Gavin Grimm

    The most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. The red paint on the lettering began to wear off within the first use, normal activities. Rather disappointing but overall very happy.

    • 10:43 pm on 26/05/17 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Gavin, thanks for taking the time to feed back! And sorry to hear about the red paint. Needless to say, that shouldn’t happen… but it can do, once in a while, if the primer hasn’t been fully applied before the soles get painted. Unfortunately it’s hard to spot the ones that haven’t been properly primed, before they get worn :/ I’m glad it hasn’t spoiled the overall experience, though. Thanks again! David

  • 7:58 am on 05/02/17 Casey

    Got the black lowtops two or three years ago and I do love them, however, I stopped wearing them because I scuffed a hole through the leather by catching the toe box on some concrete :(. My only complaints is that the shoelaces are very easy to break, and that I don’t have the cash lying around for a replacement pair

    • 8:23 pm on 05/02/17 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Casey, grateful for the feedback – thanks! You’re right about the laces. We had one batch of laces produced where every second or third one was a little too weak… still not sure what happened, but we’re reinforcing the laces for the future. Happy to send you a spare pair if you like? Mail us with your shipping address and I’ll look after it. And very sorry to hear about the concrete incident – it shouldn’t happen that a hole would go right through the toe box, I’d love to see pics if you can send them? Sounds odd. Thanks again.

  • 8:08 am on 18/01/17 Mike Wylde

    The Das Cognac Boot is by far, your company’s greatest accomplishment thus far. I own no less than 7 pair of your shoes, I have made the pilgrimage to the Berlin shop, and even showed up at the pop-up kiosk in San Francisco some years ago. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

    • 4:31 pm on 28/01/17 Atheist Shoes

      Thank you for the feedback, Mike! And thank you for sticking with us. Yep, the Cognac Boot will be hard to surpass. Hopefully the sneaker will be well-received though… we’re still tinkering with the final design, but we can’t wait to see it out there!

  • 12:41 pm on 12/01/17 Ben-Jamin Newham

    Just received my black “das boots” today. They are my second pair of shoes from Atheist Berlin and I eagerly await my third pair. (pre-ordered sneakers).
    I expected the quality to be as high as the first pair of pink shoes I bought 2-3 years ago and I was not disappointed.


    Would love a pair of “Ich Bin Athiest soled” flip-flops/sandals/thongs for the summer months

    Solely Yours,
    Ben-Jamin Newham

    • 2:05 pm on 12/01/17 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks Ben-Jamin, for taking the time to write this. I’m chuffed you came back for more after your first pair and I look forward to sending you your sneakers once they’re done. As I pm’d you, the sandal is like a holy grail we’ve been tossing round our heads for 4 years now, but without much progress. The tricky thing is how to make it high quality enough but not charge like a ton of money… it just feels like a sandal shouldn’t cost more than $100, yet it might have to. But sneaker first… then we’ll see :)

  • 4:53 pm on 10/01/17 Logan McNiece

    I purchased Das Black Boot nearly two years ago and have worn them nearly every day. They have survived two Chicago winters with minimal wear and are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

    I just unboxed a fresh pair of the Cognac boots and am in love! They are much heavier with a firmer leather and feel amazing.

    AtheistBerlin has never disappointed and I hope they can continue their work far into the future.

    • 2:01 pm on 12/01/17 Atheist Shoes

      Aw thank you Logan! That’s sweet of you to leave the feedback and we’re delighted you like the Cognac! I hope they do as well in the Chicago Winter, which i have heard is like Berlin winter, but 3x as severe! :&

  • 10:59 pm on 11/12/16 claudio

    these are the boots i have been looking for forever! i will save my pennies. do you have a pair going cheap? good work fellas.

    • 6:15 pm on 18/12/16 Atheist Shoes

      Cheers Claudio! Join our mailing list (look to the top right of this page) and, once in a while, you might get notified of a discount code or a sale.

  • 12:28 am on 02/12/16 Henry

    I’ve been thinking about buying your shoes for a while, and now that my financial situation is better, I want to. But it seems like your selection has diminished lately. Will the Hellfire Reds ever come back?

    • 4:50 pm on 05/12/16 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Henry, that’s a good question! Their disappearance is more of an illusion than anything – for quite some time, we’ve only had 3 or 4 pairs of reds left, in giant sizes… and so it was more frustrating for customers that we listed them, than now. But we can still make them, to order. So if your heart is set on red, I’ll be happy to make you a pair. It just might take 2 or 3 months. And another reason we delisted them is that the red sneaker will be making an appearance soon. So that may also be an option for you, though likely not ready until the Spring. I hope that helps!

  • 3:56 pm on 28/10/16 Berit

    Hi Atheists! I got my first Kitten Testicle Boots yesterday and I’m already in love with them. They are so soft and comfortable. Thank you for making these amazing shoes.

    • 7:05 pm on 28/10/16 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks for the feedback, Berit! We’re chuffed you like them and I hope they serve your feet well, for a long time to come.

  • 1:23 am on 24/10/16 Pete

    I purchased 3 pairs through the kickstarter and they arrived a week ago. They make a great first impression! Very supple leather, and slipper-like feel. However my wife and I both quickly got blisters on our Achilles’ tendons from the seam at the top of the heal cup. All 3 pairs now have blood stains on the heel. I suggest that future iterations on this design attempt to address this in some way.

    Should I be worried about water stains if I wear them in the rain? I have mink oil which I use to waterproof my winter boots. Would you recommend treating the cognac boots?

    Thank you,

    • 3:43 pm on 28/10/16 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Pete! Thanks for getting in touch. I’m glad the first impression was good, but that sounds utterly bizarre, what you say about the heel cup! Never came across it before. We wonder if the fit was just too small? And if there was undue pressure on the achilles? If it’s happened with both of you, it’s doubly odd… and I wonder if there’s been a common mistake in the act of figuring out your sizes. How has the fit been otherwise? E.g. comfortable at the toes? Needless to say, there should be no blistering, (let along blood-letting!) in the ware of our shoes. I can only imagine it’s down to a bigger size being needed. If it were a mistake in the construction, you wouldn’t have seen it in all 3 pairs. But the fit will give with wear and I’m hopeful the blistering will just be an initial foible, and that you’ll be able to wear them more comfortably moving forward. No need to treat them for the rain, but here are a few tips on care: Feel free to send us pics of the heels, so we can rule out any defects for sure: Thanks again!

      • 3:05 pm on 04/03/17 Ken

        Pete – I had a similar experience with my first pair of boots. I had to wear then in small doses for a week or so, but now they are ridiculously comfortable.

  • 6:25 pm on 23/09/16 Pete

    Hi there,
    are you still selling those shoelaces? Couldn’t finde them on your website.
    cheers, p

    • 3:44 pm on 28/10/16 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Pete, yes indeed! We just don’t list them anymore. Could you ping us an email: We can then hook you up with some new laces.

  • 9:18 pm on 21/09/16 Beth Derrick

    I’ve had my shoes from the most recent Kickstarter campaign for under a week and I am in love. I’ve always been a lover of shoes, and during my stints for work in London in 2012, I bought my first pair of handmade leather shoes at the Old Spitalfields Market and have ventured deeper into this type of craftsmanship since that day. These shoes make me want to walk, though that particular activity is a rare site outside of shopping malls. (let’s face facts: Americans abhor walking) and stroll about with a carefree smile and pep in my step. When I get home at the end of the day, I don’t look forward to kicking these off, and I very much look forward to putting them on the next morning as I’ve been planning my daily outfits around wearing these as much as possible. Well fucking done.
    I can’t wait for you all to journey through the Dallas area so I can shake your hand for spreading this sort of feet loving love throughout the world!

    • 3:45 pm on 28/10/16 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Beth! I think we already replied to the same post on FB, but thank you once again! We hope to pass through Dallas one day.

  • 3:15 am on 24/07/16 ash


    I wanted to let you know that my recently purchased shoes are extremely comfortable and definitely worth the price. Also, I wanted to find out whether I can order the black leather shoes in low top since I live in Los Angeles and the weather is too hot most of the year for anything else.


    • 5:38 pm on 11/08/16 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Ash, glad you’re happy with the shoes! And for sure, you can order the black shoes in low top. Could you ping us an email? Then we’ll get the ball rolling… we’re at hello(at) Thanks!

  • 6:49 pm on 23/06/16 Daniel

    These are not overpriced designer shoes, they are durable and well designed in all aspects. I have had my kitten testicle grey shoes for about a month now and they are the best shoes I have ever worn aside from my hiking boots. They’re sort of like the aston martin of shoes. They are elegant, minimal, attractive and I will definitely be coming back for more in the future.

    • 3:38 pm on 04/07/16 Atheist Shoes

      Wow, “the aston martin of shoes” – love it! Thank you so much for the lovely feedback, Daniel, I hope your shoes continue to serve you well!

  • 2:59 pm on 23/06/16 sona mason

    how do I de-squeak my lovely cognac boots?

    • 9:38 pm on 28/12/16 Rick Lambeth

      Hi Sona – Take it from a Huge, Huge, Atheist Shoe Fan: A little drop of superglue just under the insert, at the squeak site, fixes this permanently. I own 4 pairs of Atheist shoes and they are still my favorite possessions – I wear them daily. I still sleep in my first pair, size 44 Kitten Testicles, and they are better today than when I received their blissfulness in May of 2013. My size 44 (left) Melty Chocolates had a squeak that nearly alerted the Theists in my office to my approach. One dab and I’m stealth again. – Huge, Huge, Fan
      Rick L.
      High Point, NC USA (my house is the one between the three newly built churches)

    • 12:08 pm on 28/06/16 Atheist Shoes

      We’ve found that squeaks are sometimes a result of too much moisture collecting under the footbed and interacting with the carbosoam (the spongy cushioning material). Removing the insoles and letting them breathe a bit should help de-squeak your boots. (We also recommend generally letting the shoes breathe and dry out every once in a while.) Let us know if this works for you too.

  • 5:47 am on 08/05/16 Ben Isaacs

    I bought a pair of your shoes in San Francisco and a pop up, I love them, I went to your site and tried to buy the Black boots in size 39, I filled out all of the payment information correctly for my Visa card, when I submitted the order came back and said something about PayPal had rejected it. I don’t want to pay by PayPal. Should I do?

    • 6:08 pm on 06/06/16 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Ben, same as with Anna below… something odd happened with our comments last month and yours is only showing up now. Did we manage to reach you about this via email? The Paypal rejection happened because your credit card company suddenly thought you were making a purchase in Europe, and that your card details may have been tampered with. But usually they contact you straight away, when that happens, and you’re able to tell them to go ahead and make the purchase. Otherwise, you’re welcome to use Stripe or Bitpay, on the checkout page. Or we can even do it via bank transfer if you prefer? Drop us an email ( if you’d like to do that. Cheers!

  • 6:17 pm on 05/05/16 Anna

    I’ve been wearing my shoes since last September, and I love love love them, but one of the shoe laces just broke, and I’ve been having trouble finding new ones that are both skinny enough and long enough to replace them. Any chance I could purchase new laces through you fine folks? (I didn’t see them for sale on your website, but I’m hoping this may be possible!)

    • 6:05 pm on 06/06/16 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Anna, I’m sorry for the slow reply! something odd happened with some of our comments and yours got lost in the ether. But I think we managed to connect with you by email in the mean time… hope you’ve received the new laces by now!

      • 6:13 pm on 12/06/16 Werner

        Have the same problem. laces broke after 3 days of wearing. (model grey kitten) And hard to find substitiute.

      • 12:22 pm on 29/06/16 Atheist Shoes

        Hi Werner,

        Sorry your laces broke so quickly. Email us your shipping address and we’ll send you some replacements.

        // Katrin

  • 12:24 pm on 01/04/16 Dana

    Dear future Atheist Shoes lovers,

    I have been wearing my Atheists for a year and a half now and NEVER have I got more compliments for my footwear and NEVER have shoes been more comfortable. They still look very nice even though I wear them often and once they give up the ghost, I am planning on getting a new pair. So: thanks, Atheist Shoes people!


  • 6:55 pm on 28/01/16 Dale Tibbetts

    So I heard about these shoes about 3 years ago from some thread on reddit and just kept an eye on them. I couldn’t quite afford them with college in the way. Now that I’m done and have a pair all I can say is I’m excited for my next pair. The break-in for these shoes didn’t even take a week. The suede piece on the inside of the heel of the shoe that prevents your foot from slipping out rubbed my heel for a couple days but by the end of the week the shoes just felt like slippers. I blame my feet for not know what a good shoe was. They squeak a little but its nothing so loud that it’s annoying or anything; in fact this 3rd week of owning them they are starting to quiet down even more. The recommended every other day to allow the shoes to breathe is a good thing to practice too; helps with the squeaking. Basically the shoes are amazing in every way and like I said I’m ready to get my next pair, maybe even a pair of das boots.

  • 4:45 pm on 22/01/16 Jack

    Hey there!

    I’ve got to tell you all, when your website said ‘the most comfy shoe in the known universe’ I was pretty skeptical. I dug how they looked, I appreciated the sole imprint because out here in AZ you can never be too subtly subversive, but I figured they’d be about as comfortable as my other pairs of shoes. That is to say, they’d fall somewhere between boots and gym shoes. After wearing them for a week or so though, I’ve really got to say you folk have nailed it. These things are great. Don’t change a thing. If anything (since I’m in the desert) I wonder if a version with a canvas upper would be a little more breathable in the summer. Hard to say whether that’s even something that’s an issue until summer comes around, and I’m no shoe expert so I’m not even sure it would make much of a difference. They certainly wouldn’t look as cool. But I do wonder.

    Thanks much and again … great shoes,

  • 3:22 am on 21/12/15 Kimberly J. Decker


    The first time I wore my new squashed-frog atheist shoes, I was running late for a train. But I hopped on my bike and started pedaling so speedily that I made it to the station with enough spare time to add fare to my card AND use the restroom!

    I credit the shoes! They made me feel so proud that I couldn’t help but pedal faster.

    I also love the solid, confident sound they make on the pavement. And: so comfortable!

    Thank you for making these beautiful, rational shoes. I feel better just wearing them. :)

    Many cheers,
    Kim Decker
    (A happy customer in Burlingame, California)

  • 11:30 pm on 14/12/15 Steven

    A little over a year ago I ordered Das Bitter Chocolate Boots and I have to say they are still amazing a year out. They are easily the best shoes I have ever owned and they even admirably survived a Chicago winter, which is saying something.

    Thanks for making amazing shoes!

    • 6:06 pm on 17/12/15 Atheist Shoes

      Cheers Steven! It’s lovely to hear your feedback after owning the shoes for so long. We’re used to hearing people’s first impressions… in the shop, or when they open their package…. but we don’t so often hear feedback a year later, unless we go asking for it. So thanks for thinking to share your experience – we’re genuinely grateful. And here’s hoping they last their second Chicago winter. Happy holidays!

  • 3:10 pm on 14/12/15 Julie Jacobson

    Dear Awesome Shoe People,

    I received my pair of Squashed Frogs yesterday and these have to be the nicest shoes I’ve ever worn. Such quality! Such lovely materials! I’m already obsessing over a pair of boots to go along with them (they look lonely among all the cheap shoes, they need some good looking friends to hang out with). Thanks so much for the short laces as well, they are the perfect length. I even found a sticker in the box, how nice! I will stick it somewhere with pride. I’m looking forward to walking in the dirt on purpose to “leave my mark”! Packaging was great, arrived in perfect condition and quite quickly! I’m going to show them off to everyone I can, hopefully it will turn some customers your way. Thanks again for such awesome customer service and for the great product.

    • 6:04 pm on 17/12/15 Atheist Shoes

      Thank you, Julie, for taking the time to write all that! So often I have a great customer experience and think “heck, i really must write those guys a nice review”, then I never get round to it… but you’ve somehow managed to do it! Cudos :) And we’re of course really chuffed you’re so happy with the shoes. I hope you’ve already made some marks. Keep us posted!

  • 5:15 am on 08/12/15 gurupanguji

    I got my Cognac boots from Atheist Berlin and I am a super happy customer. My size was not available for an immediate shipment. However, they were made and shipped well within the 2-3 weeks that Atheist promises. They are shipped worldwide and mine was shipped to the US. So, wait patiently and give it some time as DHL and USPS navigate their procedures and get the lovingly packed box to your hands.

    The shoes are a great fit and Atheist’s recommendations for sizing certainly matched my expectations. I really look forward to see how these shoes handle Seattle weather and will write another update once they are weathered in. ;-)

    Thanks again and here’s to #atheistforlife.

    • 6:18 pm on 09/12/15 Atheist Shoes

      Awwww, thank you so much for taking the time to write that feedback! We’re chuffed you’re happy with the shoes and that we managed to get them to you in good time. We look forward to hearing how they cope with the Seattle rain! I myself wore a pair there a year ago, but it was sun all the way for my few days in town (very unusual, I know .) Thanks again!

  • 10:55 am on 04/12/15 Mindaugas

    Hi there, wanted to buy your shoes long time ago, and now I’m ready :D so my main question is what about your shoes during winter? Do the leather gets bad from snow salt and cold temperatures? I’m from Lithuania so we do get nasty winters, shoes I’m interested in kitten testicles gray if I’m correct :D let me know as soon as you can, Thank you :)

    • 6:22 pm on 09/12/15 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Mindaugas, sorry I didn’t get back to your comment more quickly :/ But, to answer your question, the shoes are pretty good in the snow. The Kitten Testicles are made of nubuck – so it’s a lot harder wearing than suede, and it’s great at keeping water out. So your feet will be dry in the snow. Some cities use salt in the snow that can leave marks in the shoes… we’ve never figured out what type of salt… but then the marks aren’t terminal and usually go away after a bit. And in most cities there’s no problem. The one thing I’d be wary of is wearing the shoes in late winter, when there’s hardcore black ice, because the grips aren’t designed for that… so be careful! Any more questions, we’re happy to answer… you can email us too (hello(at)

  • 5:25 pm on 29/11/15 Ian Dennis

    mm matter. The new slightly thicker laces don’t get tangled like the original ones. No excuse for not being Atheist every day now.

    • 6:23 pm on 09/12/15 Atheist Shoes

      Ah, I didn’t realise we sent you slightly thicker ones! But indeed, I know those ones and they’re a little less tangly. Less attractive perhaps, but less tangly :)

  • 7:56 pm on 05/11/15 Colin McGinn

    I Love the shoes. Beautiful and comfortable as hell!

    The only kind of major problem is they are Extremely squeaky. Every step sounds like I’m stomping on snow. Just moving my toes makes noise.

    I just got them, so I’m hoping they wear in and the noise dissipates.

    • 2:52 pm on 21/11/15 ATHEIST Shoes

      Hey there, just further to our other reply… we’ve done some research into another couple of squeaky cases, and it seems for these customers that the problem was too much moisture collecting under the footbed and interacting with the carbosoam (spongy cushioning material). Once the insoles are removed, the squeaking disappears. Could you let us know if this works for you too? We recommend that the shoes are allowed to breathe and dry out every once a while… it’s good practice in general for leather… but it looks like removing the insoles and letting them breathe too is an important component of that. Let us know how you get on!

      • 2:54 pm on 21/11/15 Atheist Shoes

        footbed = insole, by the way .)

    • 1:08 pm on 12/11/15 Atheist Shoes

      Sorry your shoes are squeaking, Colin. :-/
      We suspect it might have something to do with excess moisture, but aren’t 100% sure.

      A few things you could try:

      – Letting the shoes dry out completely before wearing them again.
      – Removing the insoles and going without.
      – If going insole-less feels too weird, you could also try dabbing a bit of superglue to the bottoms of the insoles and gluing them more securely in place.

      We’d be keen to hear if any of this works so please do keep us posted.

  • 9:42 pm on 16/10/15 Catherine Dipple

    Thank you for my gorgeous teal blue ankle boots. I can’t wait to wear them tomorrow. I purchased golden yellow ones from you at the World Humanist Conference. They are so comfortable.
    It’s even nicer to have a bit of money off so I feel I am having a bargain. However, if you were ever to to size 43 in red or purple ankle boots I would be queuing up at any price!
    Wishing you all the best as a business and as people.

    • 7:19 pm on 12/11/15 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks, Catherine! Lovely to hear. Our Das Porto Boots are probably the closest we have to red… and also purple. :)

  • 8:19 pm on 14/10/15 Julia Boechat

    My Bitter Chocolate boots ruined me for other shoes.

    • 12:55 pm on 15/10/15 Atheist Shoes

      That obviously makes us very happy, thanks Julia. :)

  • 6:05 pm on 08/10/15 Shawn Lee

    Would love to buy your Vegan shoes, but there’s no more left in my size (43) please let me know when they are in stock ;)

    • 10:19 pm on 13/10/15 Atheist Shoes

      We might have a secret stash of vegan black boots in a 43… would you be interested? drop us a mail,, and we can take it from there .)

  • 12:02 am on 13/09/15 Alex

    I’ve been wearing my Das Black Boots for about three days and I can say without question they are the most comfortable, snugly fitting shoes I have ever worn. They are light as a feather but super sturdy, and the way the back heel tapers up around your ankle and achilles tendon feels like the shoes are giving you a gentle hug at all times as if to whisper, “There’s no God, but don’t worry. I’m here for you.”

    I can’t recommend them enough. Uber comfortable, beautiful, and versatile. In fact, I’m buying myself some Cognac boots as soon as I finish typing this. Thank you Atheist Shoes!

    • 9:15 pm on 14/09/15 Atheist Shoes

      Thank YOU Alex! Chuffed you like the shoes and doubly delighted they’re going some way to fill your god-shaped hole. May they whisper you sweet nothings for some time to come!

  • 2:35 pm on 18/08/15 Atheist Shoes

    We received the following lovely, thoughtful message from David, one of our very first Kickstarter backers… thank you so much for taking the time to write, David, and for sticking with us!

    “Hello Guys,

    Three years ago, I was skimming Kickstarter when I found your organization asking for support. Through your thoughtful ideas, positive social message, and superbly designed shoes, I gained the confidence to pledge enough to receive a pair of shoes from your first batch.

    Some months later, when the shoes were released, I didn’t receive mine in the mail and was very upset. It turned out that they had been “lost” on the way to my house. You guys later did a thoughtful experiment wherein you tested whether or not “atheist” labeled packages were “lost” on average more often than nondescript packages and I believe you found that they were.

    Anyway, as recompense for the many months I had to wait and the fact that I wasn’t getting shoes from the first run, you guys offered to give me a second pair of shoes for free. This impacted me greatly. As a start-up company, struggling to survive, you guys sent three pairs of shoes (the one that was lost and the two given for the price of one) for my donation equivalent to one. That was real dedication to your supporters. I gave the second pair to my girlfriend.

    That kind gesture has not been forgotten.

    When I finally received the shoes, the superb design was met with superb fit and feel. I’ve never had a better pair of shoes.

    For the past three years, I have exclusively worn that pair of shoes. I don’t have romantic tails about how they carried me over cobbled stones in London, the dirty wet streets of Dubrovnik, or melting ice of some huge mountain. No – these shoes just served me loyally every day of my life, for the past three years – and it shows.

    There is an enormous amount of wear on the back outer heels, due to the way that I apply pressure to my feet when I walk. Additionally, and more obviously, there are two holes in the same general location in the leather, from the same unusual stress (pictures attached). I kept telling myself – ok, I’ll buy new shoes when these ones finally give out. When they just fall part. But they never have… They just kept going.

    After months of my girlfriend (same one) nagging me to buy myself new shoes, I have decided to purchase another set of shoes from you guys for us both. It’s not easy for me to do – we’re young adults starting out life, with little money – but when we make a purchase, it’s very deliberate. Your quality in service, goods, and message will always have me coming back and I hope my second contribution helps you justify the kind gesture you gave to a customer three years ago.


  • 3:36 am on 18/08/15 Randy Jones

    Love your shoes!
    Great product!
    When will you start putting the word “Atheist” on the tops of your shoes?
    For too long, nonbelievers have been hiding the word “Atheist” under their feet.

    Respectfully ~

    Randy Jones
    Scottsdale. Arizona

    • 6:48 pm on 18/08/15 Atheist Shoes

      That’s a very fair point, Randy!
      To be honest, we never wanted to make the shoes too flashy or busy… being minimalist and clean, in the tradition of the Bauhaus, was too important for us to bring any of our messaging onto the upper. We also wanted to leave it up to the individual if and when they shout about their atheism…. hence underfoot seemed a neat solution… i.e. something to share with others if and when you like, in the knowledge that some atheists will already recognise the shoes for what they are by their design alone, rather than being a tool for preaching to the uninitiated. But I take your point… underfoot is kinda like under a stone… heck, our Muslim friends even find it insulting to communicate via the sole.
      And we do now have the option to laser the word ATHEIST, as large as you like, on the leather…. check this out:

  • 6:25 pm on 16/08/15 Ian Dennis

    Still very very happy with my 2 pairs one year on. Must find a reason to buy another pair of my favourite and most-admired footwear soon. Any chance you could sell a shorter version of your lovely laces for shoes and for boots so they don’t trail on the floor? Ian

    • 6:52 pm on 18/08/15 Atheist Shoes

      Sure Ian, we can send you some shorter laces… sorry about the trailing; they’re extra long to ensure that customers with higher arches / broader feet don’t get left out. But the flipside is that some customer end up with too much lace on their hands. Some clever triple knotting is an easy way around that but indeed, we’d be happy to send you some more laces. Please mail us if you’d like to follow up on that: hello (at)

  • 9:01 am on 27/07/15 Chrys

    My bitter chocolate boot arrived yesterday. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive about investing on these shoes. But it was definitely worth it. I immediately tore box open upon arrival and there it were.. The shoes are amazing, the inside leather is as smooth as baby’s bum.
    I don’t usually get super excited with things, but this one really made my heart skipped a beat.
    Can’t wait to travel with this pair!

    • 2:18 pm on 27/07/15 Atheist Shoes

      Cheers Chrys! Glad they worked our, though I do hope your heart’s rhythm has now returned to normal. Any pics of your boots on their travels, we’d love to see!

  • 8:59 am on 27/07/15 Atheist Shoes

    My bitter chocolate boot arrived yesterday. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive about investing on these shoes. But it was definitely worth it. I immediately tore box open upon arrival and there it were.. The shoes are amazing, the inside leather is as smooth as baby’s bum.
    I don’t usually get super excited with things, but this one really made my heart skipped a beat.
    Can’t wait to travel with this pair!

  • 11:35 am on 11/07/15 Alex

    Well, this is easy. My Awfully Black Boots have fast become not just my favourite shoes of the moment but, quite possibly, my favourite shoes ever. Yes, even better than the beloved pair of cowboy boots bought on holiday in New Mexico that did ten years’ faithful service…

    So soft. So supple. So smooth. So elegant. So light. So very black. So bloody marvellous.

    My first pair of your shoes but certainly not the last. Probably not even my last pair of Awfully Black boots. Quick question: would it be possible to get them with, say, red laces too?

    • 9:04 am on 13/07/15 Atheist Shoes

      What a lovely thing to read on a Monday morning – thank you, Alex, chuffed you like them!

      Red laces… it’s theoretically possible. We have the brown laces made just for us, so I think we could do it, at least as a one off. Might take a while, but mail us if you’re ready to order again and we’ll get on to it.

  • 1:46 pm on 10/07/15 Anette Sundsbak

    I received my Petrol Boots yesterday.
    I unpacked them – the way you undress your love for the first time..
    They are gorgeous!

    Now, I am a living commercial for your shoes, visual AND audio-wise.. Can´t help myself but recommending anyone to enjoy the pleasures of atheism..

    It was totally worth the wait – even though the Norwegian government clamed €42 for customs..

    Profoundly in love,
    Anette G Sundsbak

    • 8:40 am on 13/07/15 Atheist Shoes

      “I unpacked them – the way you undress your love for the first time..” – how beautiful :)

      Thank you Anette! And sorry for the customs – we can’t predict when they will and won’t charge… tis a bit of a lottery. Hopefully your next pair won’t get stung by them!


  • 1:33 am on 11/05/15 Christoph

    I went shoe shopping with my girlfriend last Saturday. She needed some light breezy shoes for work (Yours are a bit too warm for a hot summer for her).
    We actually went to exchange a pair that broke just after 4 weeks. So while trying on new shoes, and nearly everything they hat was horrible, two saleswomen asked me where I got my Charlie Ds from, which company made them and the were impressed by the beautiful unique look and the soft touch :)

    • 7:41 pm on 12/06/15 Atheist Shoes

      haha, you must tell us where the shop is! Maybe they’d like to stock them for us :) But that is lovely to hear… we really actually might start letting shops sell our shoes, it’s such a shame that the Berliners have such easy access, but the rest of the world has to order online.

      • 6:55 pm on 26/06/15 Christoph

        It was an ugly big shoeshop in Darmstadt, you would not want your shoes to be sold there. Maybe there are some nice little shops that are interested to work with you? I would be quite disappointed to find Atheist/Empathy Shoes in a Deichman Store

  • 9:38 pm on 06/05/15 Maryke Brevet

    Just received my Kitty vegan shoes and I am wearing them. Helpful service in helping me to decide the size; perfect fit. Birthday present from partner, who discovered the site. With problem feet, very pleased about comfort and looks. Will probably also try the cognac boots for winter! They look ever so smart. Thank you very much, also for extra insoles supplied for free. Will recommend. maryke

    • 7:42 pm on 12/06/15 Atheist Shoes

      You’re very welcome Maryke! I’m delighted the sizing worked out ok. And a (very) belated happy birthday!

  • 11:36 pm on 02/05/15 Jeremy

    I’ve had my Ocean Fishes for a few weeks and I’m hooked! They’re super-comfortable, easier than expected to clean (a dry sponge and an eraser have been all I’ve needed to keep them looking new), and I absolutely plan to buy more in the future. I was also pleasantly surprised with how cool they stay – I have to do quite a bit of walking before my feet start feeling hot.

    The only “negative” thoughts I have – If you like to tie your laces tightly, the laces may be a little long for you, but they do offer to ship them with shorter laces, so that’s not much of a problem. I do wish that, in the future, you guys try alternate phrases on the bottoms. For everyday use, I have no problem with the idea of an “Ich bin Atheist” sole, but for work I am hesitant to wear something too suggestive. I’m a psychotherapist, so I have to be careful not to endorse any particular belief which may make a client feel uncomfortable about expressing their thoughts. Perhaps something else auf Deutsch, vielleicht “Gut ohne Gott”, which still makes the point while being a little more sneaky?

    Back to the good – the quality of design and construction is obvious. Shoes have always been the one part of my wardrobe I cared about, and I don’t think I’ve ever had such a nice pair of shoes. I really love that you guys experiment with lots of different colors, it just makes me sad that I probably missed my chance on the lemon yellows! I would love to see more experiments with style – Eg, something with a black sole and fewer lace eyelets to look a little more like a traditional oxford/gibson? Perhaps some pairs with a sole which has more incisions to allow for better flexibility on the sole, ala the nike ‘free’ design? Either way, the way they’re designed already fetches a lot of compliments!

    Might I suggest, if you’re going to continue naming shoes after prominent atheists, that you consider a shoe for Johannes Brahms? Call ‘em the “Johnny Broom”s. He once wrote a requiem with zero religious references, and Dvorak said of him “Such a man, such a fine soul – and he believes in nothing!”. Or perhaps a red boot for Shostakovich, who once wrote a military parade march for his oppressors – in 3/4 time, like a waltz.

    One other word about the fit – keep in mind that these fit somewhat “looser” because of the softness of the leather. Personally, I like to wear tightly-laced running shoes. Every pair of shoes I currently own are EU size 46, and some of those are a little tight in the toes. My Atheist shoes in 46 are very, very slightly large, despite my measuring. A medium-thickness sock works well enough to mitigate this, but I would order a 45 in the future. I love that the leather is soft enough to make them comfortable for wider feet without squeezing the toes together.

    • 7:52 pm on 12/06/15 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Jeremy, really grateful for your comments & sorry we didn’t reply sooner :/ – the program by which we manage the website seemed to be stuck on an older version of this page, so we’re a few comments behind. But I note what you say about the trickiness of work-wear, in your line of field. Have you seen that we now do offer loads more messages on the sole? Actually, any message you like? And yes – that’s true about them staying cool – it’s because we use no glue between the upper and lining leathers, which is rare for some stupid reason – so they’re very breathable in the summer, but insulated with a cushion of air in the winter. As for new styles, please watch this space – very very interesting things are coming soon.

  • 6:16 am on 19/04/15 Sarah

    Oh, the places these shoes (das petrol boot!) have been! They have walked the hallowed halls of Notre Dame de Paris, the streets of New York, the rolling hills of California, and the mountains and beaches of Tasmania. I have had them for not even a year and they have had some serious wear (I wear them almost every day!), but they are holding up incredibly well and are still as comfy as ever! One of the soles is coming a bit unglued in the front so I’ll need to take them in to have that fixed soon, but after that I expect they’ll last me at least another year of hard wear. Thank you guys for making such an amazing shoe!

    • 7:37 pm on 12/06/15 ATHEIST Shoes

      Thank you for wearing them, Sarah! I’m glad to hear they’re wearing well – sorry to hear about the separation at the front though, but it can happen after a year of solid use. Easy to fix though. Here’s to the next year!

  • 10:42 am on 03/04/15 Peter

    Hy there!

    Got my Testicle Greys two weeks ago. And what else to say than: Hell yea, thank god’ :) :) :) you do those shoes so well.
    And since my size is 42 I just can tell you that it feels like as if I would have the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything on my feet. :)

    A happy Easter-Egg-searching weekend to everyone!

    Greets, Peter

    • 7:44 pm on 12/06/15 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Peter, for some reason your Easter-themed comment didn’t show up for us until now?! but thank you thank you for taking the time to share your experience :) I do hope you haven’t taking to wearing your Testicle Greys with a bathrobe and matching Marvin, though .)

  • 6:05 pm on 03/03/15 Jordan

    These shoes are extremely comfortable and durable. Literally the best all around dressy type shoe I have ever owned. And I love what they stand for!

    I guess I’m a shoe in for hell now ;)

    • 4:40 pm on 04/03/15 Atheist Shoes

      Lovely to hear, thanks Jordan! :) Hell is only a hop, skip and a jump away (or so we’ve been told).

  • 11:19 am on 31/01/15 Kara

    Schone grusse aus Australien, Atheists!

    I really, really, really want a pair of your vegan shoes – probably the grey, but I am inclined to buy both those and the Portobello Cognac and just get them all at once because your shoes are SO comfy (my friend has some, and I tried them on, so I’m convinced!). However, I am a size 37 and both colours are out of stock in my size. Do you have plans to re-stock them in either/both colours soon? (Bitte “ja” sagen…)


    • 12:41 am on 08/02/15 Atheist Shoes

      hey Kara, we maaaaay be able to make you them for you especially, if we have enough vegan-friendly material left… I’ll have to check. but we’ve no plans to restock them anytime soon, simply because we have to order a minimum amount of the material that is prohibitively huge, relative to the amount of interest we get in vegan shoes. Can you perhaps send us an email about this? Then we can let you know directly if and when we can make your shoes… we’re at hello(at) Thanks!

  • 9:34 pm on 16/01/15 Klaus M. Janowitz


    I like the red model – but they are currently not available in my size (43). Will they available in foreseeable future? Thats o.k., cause the are shoes or spring, not for winter …
    I’d like to order them in 43
    Greets /beste Grüße


    • 6:45 pm on 21/01/15 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Klaus,

      No plans for more reds, but if you don’t mind waiting a little, we can make a pair of size 43s especially. It might take around 8-10 weeks, just in time for spring :)

      Email us if you’re interested: hello [at]

      • 8:02 pm on 21/01/15 Klaus M. Janowitz

        yes, I want them – normally spring is some weeks earlier in the Rhineland then in Berlin ;) but thats o.k.

        I sent you an email

  • 12:24 am on 09/01/15 Wei-Lin


    When will more size 37 Das Petrol Boots be available? Need some Atheist shoes!!! Thanks W-L

    • 2:34 pm on 15/01/15 Atheist Shoes

      Hello Wei-Lin! There should still be some available here.

      • 2:10 pm on 05/02/15 Wei-Lin

        Thanks for finding my Das Petrol boots. They are wonderful. The leather is buttery soft inside and out. No “breaking in” needed and I have tricky feet.

        I love them.

        When will you have some small sizes in the shoes? And are you planning some Spring time colours? White? Pink?!

      • 3:33 pm on 11/02/15 Atheist Shoes

        Ahhh, delighted to hear you love the boots :) We do have some small sizes still in the shoes… do you want us to double check on any colours in particular? It could be we have something that’s not listed on the site. No plans to make more pinks or whites, but we did just find a couple pairs of white 37 in the warehouse… you interested? Please mail us (hello(at) if so…

  • 6:12 pm on 25/12/14 Clare

    I love this idea but would want to wear something a bit more feminine. Any plans to launch any news designs?

    • 8:01 pm on 07/01/15 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Claire, we have thought about it… but no firm plans yet. Our first goal was always to make a unisex shoe and we’re happy that many women seem to find it works quite well in practice… I think it looks a little more feminine on the foot, than it does on our website .) But granted, it’s a very flat shoe and the toe is a little more rounded than many women’s shoes. You should give it a whirl, though! you can always send it back if you don’t like it in the flesh…

  • 2:55 am on 10/12/14 River F.

    To the brilliant shoemaker elves in Portugal and Berlin:

    Oh my gawwd, once I put my new gentleman’s steppers on, my weary feet saw the light and I heard angels. It felt like god was holding my sore arches in his warm, soft but strong hands. It was then that I realised it wasn’t a dude’s hands, it was a flawlessly crafted shoe made from the finest leather my feet have ever slipped into.

    The comfort, quality of craftsmanship, and durability far exceeded my expectations.
    Vielen Dank, Oubrigado, どうもありがとうございました from River in Tokyo.

    • 1:34 am on 12/12/14 Atheist Shoes

      That’s very sweet, River – Thank you so much for giving such glowing feedback – it’s warmed us up nicely on a rather chilly day :) Love, the pan-European elves.

  • 2:48 am on 10/12/14 River F.

    The the brilliant shoemaker elves in Portugal and Berlin:

    Oh my gawwd, once I put my new gentleman’s steppers on my weary feet saw the light and I heard angels. It felt like god was holding my sore arches in his warm, soft but strong hands. It was then that I realised it wasn’t a dude’s hands, it was a flawlessly crafted shoe made from the finest leather my feet have ever slipped into.

    The comfort, quality of craftsmanship, and durability far exceeded my expectations.
    Vielen Dank, Oubrigado, どうもありがとうございました from River in Tokyo.

  • 1:58 pm on 27/11/14 Diane

    I’m in heaven! My boots feel so comfortable and they look great, although I’m a bit scared to wear them out; don’t want to get them dirty.

    Many thanks

    • 1:32 am on 12/12/14 Atheist Shoes

      Hey diane, thanks for feeding back and I’m glad the boots are comfy. But please don’t be scared of getting them dirty! :) First off, it’s not too difficult to keep them looking nice… and the leather is much more robust and water-friendly than the softness might suggest! And, at the end of the day, much better on your feet and dirty, than some other, less comfy shoes .) Thanks again.

  • 3:08 am on 20/11/14 Laura

    Hello, I just received my sinfully beautiful shoes here in South Korea and I am never taking them off (which is kind of a big deal here because you’re always supposed to take off your shoes). It’s that serious. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. And your foot-measuring techniques are spot on! Also, if North Korea shits the bed tomorrow, I’d like you to guarantee that I be buried in these shoes (good luck with my mom). Actually, maybe this guarantee should be a new company policy? Just an idea… Anyway, thanks for doing what you do. You made my life better. Yours in godlessness.

    • 1:35 am on 12/12/14 Atheist Shoes

      Ha, I love that idea as company policy :) You’re not the first to want to be buried in our shoes, though, to our knowledge, no one yet has been. Should we start buttering up your mum before you’re gone? Hopefully we have a few more years left to do so… thanks for the lovely comment Laura!

  • 7:23 pm on 07/11/14 Jessie

    These are hands down the best shoes I’ve owned. So comfy, and the material…the lining is like a cloud, if clouds were made of leather. I often wore them without socks when the weather was nicer; no smelly feet! To my surprise, a christian friend of mine like the soles even.

    • 1:38 am on 12/12/14 Atheist Shoes

      Jessie – I’m delighted you discovered the nude foot aspect of our shoes! That cloudy lining is just so lovely and yes, no smelly feet! I was kinda surprised the first time I went sockless… but it’s testament to the breathability of the leather and our keeping glue between the upper and lining to a minimum. Anyhows, thank you for letting us know how they worked out. And your Christian friend should know we’re working on some non-atheist variants at the moment, though it seems like they might be open to some ICH BIN ATHEISTS… maybe?

  • 2:21 pm on 06/11/14 Carla

    I tried your shoes for a couple of months and let me tell they are great! One of the best pair of shoes I have ever worn. I work in a company producing leather tanning products so I appreciated your nabuk quality. Next step: trying to convert my über-catholic mum to your brand… Have a nice day!

    • 1:42 am on 12/12/14 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Carla – I posted a comment in reply to you a few weeks back, but it never seemed to make it to the page… sorry! Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I’m glad out nubuck won your expert approval .) It’s very rarely used in shoes, but I can’t say I know why… well, it’s probably cost for most shoe brands. Anyhow, especially nice to have your feedback after you’ve worn the shoes for a while… I hope they’ll work out for a long time to come. Thanks!

  • 4:52 pm on 25/10/14 Virginia (Ginger) Jones

    Hi I have tried three times to order a pair of shoes from your Website. Instead of being allowed to place my order, I get this message: PayPal gateway has rejected request. This transaction cannot be processed (#15005: Processor Decline). Can you please explain to me why I am getting this message? I have excellent credit!

    • 6:24 pm on 25/10/14 ATHEIST Shoes

      Hey Ginger, sorry to hear that. It does happen sometimes, that a credit card won’t work immediately – it’s usually because your credit card company thinks the transaction is unusual, compared with your typical transactions – for example, if you live in the US and rarely make purchases from a European webshop. When this happens, it’s usual that the credit card company or bank sees that someone is trying to use the card and immediately contacts you to confirm that it is actually you, rather than some fraudster… after which they’ll allow the transaction to go through. If they haven’t contacted you, then I’d get in touch with them and tell them you approve the transaction… after which they’ll allow your next attempt at payment to go through. If all else fails, we can also send you a paypal invoice, which might be easier to pay… but I’d try with your bank first. Email us (hello(at) if you need more assistance. Cheers.

  • 11:33 pm on 18/10/14 Leslee Frost


    I just wanted to ask if it would be possible to buy a pair of extra insoles? They simply are so much better than any other insoles I’ve ever had, and I would hate to have to buy other, less buttery soft ones to put in the shoes.

    Kindest Regards,


    • 11:47 pm on 18/10/14 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Leslee, we’ll just send you some – same address as your last order? I have to warn you, that different batches have used different sponges beneath the calfskin of the insole… but the buttery softness comess from the calfskin, so that’s unchanged.

      • 9:47 pm on 24/10/14 Leslee Frost

        You are so kind! Thank you so much. I’ve moved to:

        Løvetandsvej 11, 2.TH.
        2700 Brønshøj

        But if you sent them already to the old address I’m sure it’s fine, since the post office will just forward the package.

        Thank you for being awesome <3

  • 9:48 pm on 15/10/14 Emma

    Absolutely love your shoes. I now have two pairs and have basically stopped wearing anything other than my atheist shoes. Also bought a pair of boots for my husband and he loves them so much that he is wondering what to buy next. Looking forward to my third pair for Christmas.
    Keep up the good work.

    • 10:38 pm on 18/10/14 Atheist Shoes

      Aw, thank you for commenting Emma! Always a pleasure to shoe you. And I’m chuffed that you’re still happy with our work. We have a new batch arriving in November…. so a full stock to choose your crimbo pressie from :)

  • 2:29 pm on 07/10/14 Vinnie

    It was such a pleasure to visit your office in Berlin back in August 2014 and talked to a fellow Canadian (sorry I forgot his name). Anyway, I am really happy with my Charlie D, it is super comfortable and I have received numerous compliments.
    I do have one comment, the shoelaces are way to long, it can be shorten by 12″ and there will still have many left.
    Great shoes, I love it.

    • 10:37 pm on 18/10/14 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Vinnie,

      That was Tobin you were talking to, back in August. Really glad you’ve had a great experience so far! The laces are a tricky one… some people complained that they were too short… so we lengthened them… and now some complain they’re too long :) I guess better the latter than the former, but I hope we’ll get the optimum length, for all foot types, one day.

      Thanks for commenting!

      • 6:00 pm on 20/11/14 Vinnie

        I just did some DIY — I pried open the aglet (one side only) and slid it down by 10 inches and pinched it back. Now my laces are the right length! Thanks for the DIY suggestion!

      • 7:47 pm on 20/11/14 Atheist Shoes

        Glad to hear it worked!

      • 2:29 pm on 18/11/14 Vinnie

        Hi Katrin,
        My shoelaces are 53 inches long. I would DIY mine if I have the metal aglets, it would be GREAT if you have shorter laces, if not, would you mind sending me some aglets so I can trim them myself?
        Thanks!!!! Vinnie

      • 11:49 am on 29/10/14 Vinnie Lo

        Hi Tobin
        Thanks for the reply. Do you by any chance have a pair of shorter laces that I can purchase?
        Thanks Vinnie

      • 4:28 pm on 03/11/14 Atheist Shoes

        Hi Vinnie,

        Sorry it took a little while to get back to you! I’m not sure we have shorter laces. What I’d suggest is cutting yours at the ends and cellotaping them to make aglets. Or, if that feels a little too DIY, let us know how long your laces are and I’ll have a look to see if we do, by chance, have some shorter ones in the warehouse. :)


  • 1:41 pm on 30/09/14 Robbie

    hey guys
    recently i bought a pair of your shoes, and let me say i absolutely love them, but i do have 2 little problems i hope you can help me with
    i live in a rainy part of the world, and the nubuck on the shoes has gotten some unsightly blackish brown stains on them, do you have any ideas how to clean it? also, the right heel has been squeaking if i put too much pressure on it and i’d like to know if you’ve ever had this problem before, and if you’d know how to fix it
    besides that, these absolutely have to be the best pair of shoes i’ve purchased, and i’m hoping to wear them out thoroughly :)

    • 10:35 pm on 18/10/14 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Robbie, sorry for the slow response! We don’t always get notifications when someone comments here, and we’ve been in Portugal for the last bit, making shoes, so the website has been neglected…

      Regarding the stains, it really depends what has caused the stains. Do you know? It’s unusual for the nubuck to get a stain that won’t shift… ordinarily that would mean it’s oil, or something terribly greasy. The usual treatment would be to use a “magic eraser”, effectively a pencil eraser, but made fancy by P&G… they sell them under the name Mr. Muscle or Meister Proper. We have some details care tips here…

      As for the squeak, it’s a complete mystery to us…. a handful of people have reported squeaks, and I’ve had them myself in one of my pairs… but we have no idea why it happens, not least given it’s in just a few shoes, despite all of them being made in exactly the same way. Our guess is that air and moisture are involved, conniving to emit a squeak in certain weather conditions… but we’ve not put that to the test. Do you notice it on certain days, more than others?

      I’m glad you still like the shoes, despite the squeaks. And I look forward to hearing & seeing your shoes once you’ve succeeded in thoroughly wearing them out :)

  • 9:42 pm on 23/09/14 Ian Dennis

    Now several weeks into ownership of my 2 pairs of shoes. Loving them. Admired (the yellow shoes) from Whitstable beach to a pub near Henley (by a Canadian band) to a street in Sicily (by attractive owner of stylish fashion shop) according to my wife. Worthy of my first ever emoticon

    • 10:28 pm on 18/10/14 Atheist Shoes

      Delighted you’ve been happy with the shoes, Ian! I’m looking forward to seeing this emoticon design!!

  • 8:58 pm on 18/09/14 heather

    I’m thrilled that you’re now offering vegan shoes! Any chance of seeing vegan version of the boot?

    • 6:08 pm on 20/09/14 Atheist Shoes

      no plans yet, heather… the minimum order quantities for the vegan material are really big, whilst the demand for vegan shoes hasn’t been great enough to justify ordering a second amount… so we’ll wait a while longer before we consider extending the range.

  • 9:13 pm on 17/09/14 Sadie Powers

    I cannot say that I’m smitten with my Petrol boots, as we’ve been together now for nearly a year, and what was initially an attraction based on lust has turned into a passionate love for the ages. As a shameless shoe connoisseur, I am always on the lookout for a stylish pair that is bound to give me compliments, but I was astonished at how soft the leather is and how the Petrol boots required absolutely no break-in period.
    They came into my life one day, and we were on a plane to hilly, chilly Seattle the next. We have explored the seedy side of LA together and perused the Italian Market in Philly. We’ve wandered aimlessly through Central Park, and gotten lost on a way to a haircut in London, and survived what can only be described as an ‘aggressive misting’ in Iceland, where I was instantly soaked from head to ankle – my feet alone remained dry. I have seen so much art in these shoes, and gazed out onto a landscape and seen forever, and shared so may meals and stories in these shoes, and danced my ass off all night, and at the end, the only things that weren’t hurting were my feet. I have walked literally hundreds of miles in my Petrol boots, yet they show no signs of letting up any time soon, and the only aging and distressing to betray their experience is a delicious marbling that shows that they have stories of their own to tell. And they are ready for their next adventure.

    • 5:54 pm on 20/09/14 Atheist Shoes

      Wow *flushed cheeks* thank you for taking the time to write such gorgeous feedback!! I’m delighted we can now add “aggressive-misting-proof” to the list of DAS BOOT’s virtues .)

  • 1:01 pm on 09/09/14 Sandra

    Hello lovely people!
    I was eagerly awaiting my order of Das Black Boot and finally the day has come! When I saw them online I was instantly in love. Now that I have them, I wonder how I have lived my life without them! They are the most beautiful, comfortable shoes I have ever owned. They looks so cute on and feel soooooo good! I usually get blisters from any sort of shoe but these fit my feet extremely well. I am über happy! Thank you so much! I will definitely be getting some more and have been raving on to everyone, so my entire family wants them. Makes it even more exciting because I lived in Germany for quite some time and I love Berlin!
    I will recommend Atheist shoes to everyone.

    Vielen Dank! Ich liebe meine Schuhe :)))

    • 1:56 pm on 18/09/14 Atheist Shoes

      Goodness! Thank you so much for such for the feedback.. I’m totally chuffed you love the boots…. my new faves too :) Do keep us posted over their lifetime… they’re totally new, so we’re keen to know more on how they ware, through the ages. Bitte Schoen!!

  • 2:29 pm on 08/09/14 Marko


    One question: I want to order the new black boot – DAS BLACK BOOT – but there is no size 40 among the size options. How come? Please help!



    • 1:52 pm on 18/09/14 Atheist Shoes

      Hey Marko,
      Sorry for the slow reply! We’re now taking pre-orders on the black boots…. you can place an order for a black 40 and we hope to be into production a couple of weeks from now. So we could be ready to ship at end of October / early November.

  • 1:44 am on 08/09/14 jeremy

    I’m having trouble paying. I keep getting a 15005 payment error due to paypal. I am trying to use a debit card. Do you accept debit cards? I put the card on the credit card section which theoretically should work but it is not. Do you have a fix for the error i am receiving? I would really like to buy some new kicks!

  • 8:16 pm on 19/08/14 Ian Dennis

    Shoes arrived safely by the grace… As the designer of the certified tenth best logo in the world (see Creative Review) I can say with authority they and their arrival are wonderful proof of the non-existence of god. Loving them and am enjoying getting to know them in a non-biblical sense. Their place in our band’s next gig is assured and I’m looking to make them props in a brochure design. Ian Dennis

    • 2:24 pm on 21/08/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thank you Ian! You have saved the whole world a lot of time by finding this proof of the non-existence of god in our shoes’ existence and safe arrival. I trust you have already passed this information on to Richard Dawkins, The Pope, et al. Meanwhile, good luck getting to “know” your shoes and I hope they’ll give excellent grip as you’re jumping around the stage with your band. All best, David

      • 2:48 pm on 21/08/14 Ian Dennis

        In case my last post didn’t go out.

        The proof is not just in the existence (and arrival) of your shoes, but in the total lack of divine inspiration in their very excellent design. Ian

      • 4:21 pm on 21/08/14 Atheist Shoes

        That is true! There was about (roughly) zero divine inspiration when we were designing them.

  • 3:46 am on 04/08/14 Holden McGroin

    Any chance you kids will make some models that don’t look like cheesy dance or bowling shoes? I’d love to rock a pair of Atheist treads, but your current shoe designs are pretty corny.

    • 2:26 pm on 07/08/14 Atheist Shoes

      We’re drawing up plans for a sneaker, though it’ll be made out of camembert and cornballs, so may not be your thing..
      – Kiki Yoballs

  • 5:51 pm on 28/07/14 Dakota Dennis

    I bought a pair of Charlie D’s last year and have worn them everyday since. There is nothing wrong with them at all. They do have the worn vintage look and the heel on my left foot is ever so slightly ravaged. It looks excellent. I’ve fallen in love with these shoes and possibly love them more than the majority of people on this earth. I plan on purchasing another pair soon once funds are adequate.

    • 12:54 pm on 07/08/14 Atheist Shoes

      Cheers, Dakota! Glad to hear they’re aging well and that your love for them is long-term. Your willingness to commit says a lot about your character. :)

  • 5:58 pm on 27/07/14 Diane Reed

    I have 2 pairs of your shoes and love them! My petrol boots are simply the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had. I also love my Charlie D’s but the heels are a bit too wide so socks slip down inside the shoe every time I wear them. I often wear them without socks to avoid this problem but then the rubbing causes a blister on my heel if I do a lot of walking. I tried putting pads inside the heels to make them narrower but then the shoes are too short. This is such a minor defect, I even hate to bring it up but is there something else I can do to fix this so that they are as awesome as my boots?

    • 12:44 pm on 07/08/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks for writing, Diane. Glad to hear how well you’re getting on with the petrol boots, but that’s too bad about your troubles with the heels of your Charlie D’s. By the sounds of things, your feet (your heels, at least) may be a little narrower than our design intended, though it may also be that you’ve ordered a size larger than was necessary – even more likely is a combination of those two things, allowing your heels to move up and down which in effect is pulling at your socks. It makes sense that the problem is absent with the boots, as the increased height of the ankles, once snugly laced, will hold the foot in place even when there is some additional room to breathe in there.
      If the heels are continueally giving you blisters if you wear them without socks, this unfortunately only speaks further to the fact that the shoes most likely aren’t the right size. In our own experience, as well as many other customers’, the shoes provide incredible comfortable when worn sockless. A break-in period is sometimes required, though if the problem itself arises from there being too much room in the heels rather than out of snugness, it’s unlikely to go away through further wear.
      Your best bet might be to try and locate some narrower pads which don’t render the shoes themselves too short. It’s hard to offer any sound advice without knowing more about the pads you’ve already been experimenting with, but what we can tell you is that with each increase/decrease in size, the length of our shoes varies by 6.66mm – so if you do already have the right size (or even one too big), you should in theory have around that much space to work with before rendering the shoes too short.
      Sadly the possibility does exist that the shape of your feet/heel simply doesn’t agree with our design. While this is rarely the case, as the cut of our shoes coupled with the materials we use provide for as much versatility as we could muster, there are simply too many characteristics inherent to each set of feet to be able to completely satisfy 100% of what’s out there! Though we’re working on that. ;)
      We do hope that’s helpful – if you have any remaining questions at all, you can also feel free to e-mail our customer service team at hello (at) atheistberlin (dot) com. Cheers!

  • 11:26 am on 24/07/14 Andreas Corneliussen

    Would ev. like to have your shoes with ” I AM VEGGIE”

    • 4:37 pm on 27/07/14 Atheist Shoes

      will be totally possible, very soon .)

  • 8:50 am on 22/07/14 rhizomatiker

    Simply the best!

    Even after intensively wearing these shoes for almost two years they still are very comfortable.

    • 4:38 pm on 27/07/14 Atheist Shoes

      Cheers for the lovely feedback! Glad they’re still going comfy!

  • 3:41 pm on 06/07/14 Adam

    I love my shoes, but everything seems to scuff and scrape them. Do you have a product you recommend to get all the marks off them?

    • 7:17 am on 16/07/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks for the note, Adam. We can see that you ordered a pair of Gentleman’s Steppers, which begs the question as to which part of the upper this is happening to (the suede or the nubuck). And are they really appearing scuffed and scraped, or is it just a matter or dirt being caught on the shoes that needs to be cleaned away. The nubuck definitely shouldn’t fall victim to many scratches and scuffs unless they are often coming into contact with harmful surfaces. However if you are really having an issue with them, the best thing would be to e-mail us at hello (at) atheistberlin (dot) com, and to send along a few photos. You can also feel free to check out a blog post we made awhile back about how to best care for the shoes. It can be found here:
      Hope that’s helpful – if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

  • 11:53 am on 23/06/14 Ali Kaafarani


    I recently bought two pairs of your shoes, and upon receiving them, I
    instantly regretted it. I mean, what was I thinking? Only two pairs!?
    I should have bought a lifetime supply!

    I won’t pretend to know anything about shoes other than which
    bodyparts they fit on, but for some unexplainable reason, I feel like
    I actually own real quality shoes I can be proud of. For the first
    time in my life.

    Sorry for not having any criticism, constructive or not. But you might
    find it interesting that I learned of your site through a friend who
    casually linked to your discrimination study of the USPS, mainly
    intended as a temporary item of curiosity which I would read in less
    than a minute, say “huh, that’s crazy” about, and then never see
    again. But something made me stick, browse, and eventually purchase
    your awesome shoes. Something tells me I might not be the only one
    with that kind of story.

    So thanks, good luck with your store and expect my business in the future.

    • 3:28 am on 15/07/14 Atheist Shoes

      Hi Ali, thanks for writing! Glad to hear you’ve been so happy with the shoes, and that it didn’t take you all that long to realize that one pair of Atheist Shoes just isn’t enough. :)

  • 9:59 am on 13/06/14 Steve Frendship

    Auntie Lou showing off her Atheist Shoes
    Great to meet you all in Dec last year.

    • 12:57 pm on 13/06/14 Atheist Shoes

      How lovely – thanks for sharing! We definitely enjoyed meeting you both as well. Glad to see Lou enjoying the shoes. :)

  • 6:10 am on 27/05/14 Rob

    Well. I might be able to safely say that I am the first practicing Mormon who not only bought a pair of these shoes, but also can’t get enough of how comfortable they are!

    I bought a pair of the “NAUGHTY SCHNITZEL PILZ” and can’t wear them enough haha! I’m a sucker for things with a green/black/gray/white color scheme and so these were an instant buy for me. One of my best friends owns a couple pairs of these shoes and I had to get my own. As far as sizing goes…it was easy for me…we wear the exact same shoe size. So once I tried on his shoes I knew they were the right size for me!

    As far as future purchases go? I really hope the option to customize your shoes becomes available, mainly just picking the colors. I’d like black shoes with the tongue being green with white laces… Or green shoes with a black tongue and white laces… Or white shoes with a green tongue and black laces… Or green shoe with white tongue and black laces! So many options and I wish we could make those choices!!

    Well. From a Christian to your company. I love your shoes. I love that you are doing what makes you happy and wish you the best! (So I can continue to buy more in the future of course!)

    • 4:19 pm on 27/05/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks for the lovely note, Rob. It’s always great to hear from those who can attest to the fact that you don’t need to be an atheist to wear Atheist.
      In terms of colour-customization, unfortunately we’re still at a point where offering that kind of service just isn’t a feasible option. There are heaps of overhead costs involved in putting a new style into production, and unless we end up making a whole slew of them, it just doesn’t make economic sense. Maybe one day that’ll change, but until it does we hope you’ll be just as happy with our available styles should you want to place a future order with us. :) All the best to you!

  • 1:20 pm on 21/05/14 Anthony

    I love the idea behind your shoes, but I would like more vegan options, especially vegan boots not made of leather or animal products.

    • 4:11 pm on 27/05/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks for the feedback, Anthony. We’d love to be able to branch out and offer lots more vegan-friendly options, but for a small company like ours, decisions like that unfortunately tend to be influenced by matters of supply and demand. Our venture into vegan-friendly footwear is still very much at the beginning, but providing things go well like we hope they will, it won’t be much longer before we’re able to introduce further vegan-friendly products. In any case, we’ll be sure to keep your feedback in mind. Thanks for your interest!

  • 4:03 pm on 20/05/14 Greg Gauthier

    I just purchased a pair of the men’s steppers this weekend, at the workshop in Kreuzberg. I’m extremely finicky about my shoes. So take my criticisms in that context.

    So far, I have to say, these are some of the best shoes I’ve ever owned. Great quality materials, and excellent workmanship. They’re clean, comfortable, fit quite nicely right out-of-the-box (except for one issue listed below) and I don’t sweat in them like normal dress shoes. They wear almost like a pair of moccasins or slippers, but they have the sturdy step of a proper dress shoe. I’m still waiting to see how they handle on wet surfaces, but on the rough cobbles of Prenzlauer Berg, they manage quite nicely. I would definitely recommend the shoes to others.

    I do have three issues to report, however.

    1. MINOR: There is a removable insole made of some sort of foam material that has a fabric surface. That surface rubs against the leather base of the shoe (that lays over the rubber sole), which makes an obnoxious creaking sound when I walk. I’m going to try some saddle soap on the leather base to see if I can quiet it a little.

    2. MAJOR: The back height is too low, and despite being snug, the heel doesn’t grip well enough. Right now, as I’m breaking the shoes in, this is a problem because the back of the shoe drags against my heel, causing chafing and blistering (here in Berlin, I walk A LOT). As the shoe stretches, however, this will most likely go away. But I worry that the fit may be too loose then.

    3. POTENTIAL: The eyelets for the laces have no reinforcement. They’re just open holes in the leather. Because the laces are thin and made of tough material, I worry this may result in the lace holes expanding or bursting. I’d be interested to hear what long-term users have to say.

    Hope this helps!

    • 6:02 pm on 27/05/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks for writing, Greg. We’re happy to hear that in general you’re so pleased with the shoes. In terms of the criticisms you’ve offered, we hope you don’t mind if we try and address them one by one..

      1. The insoles of our leather shoes consist of two basic pieces of material – a strip of calfskin leather (the same as what lines the shoes) as well as a strip of Carbosan foam. The creaking sound you make reference to is definitely not something we expect to occur, though since we started we’ve heard from a very small handful of customers like yourself who claim to have had the same experience. From what we’ve been able to deduce, this is either the result of the shoes being slightly too big (allowing the foot to move around slightly while walking and causing the insole to shift around with it, resulting in the sound you’ve described), or else it stems from a particular style of walking which ultimately produces the same effect. In any case, as you’ve noticed, the insoles are easily removable so that those who might require additional support can easily replace them with a custom orthotic. So the simplest and quickest solution is actually to fix them into place. We can definitely recommend applying a few drops of all-purpose, industrial strength super glue to the bottoms of them – this has solved the problem in pretty much all cases so far.

      2. It’s true that the height of our shoes is lower around the heel than several others on the market. This is deliberate, and to our minds results in a more comfortable and stylish shoe. Of course all feet are different, and it may be yours are more comfortable with a higher heel, but despite the sensation of being lower than many other shoes, most people find the grip is firm and works well. The wearing in period naturally varies from foot to foot, though we can say with confidence that if the size is right, chafing and blistering shouldn’t be happening and is by no means the norm.

      3. There is a protective layer between the inner and the upper leathers along the line of the eyelets to prevent any tearing from occurring. So the reinforcement is definitely there, only it’s hidden. This solution allows us to maintain durability without having to sacrifice our sense of aesthetics.

      We hope that helps in clearing up any issues you might be having with the shoes. Of course, if you’re left with any remaining questions, you can always drop us a line at hello(at)atheistberlin(dot)com and we’ll be more than happy to help!

  • 9:57 pm on 19/05/14 Russell Pascoe

    Dear friends, Thank you for my first pair of Atheist shoes. They are perfect! I had always regarded buying shoes over the internet as a risky operation as I have weirdly shaped feet. As a mate bought me my Atheist shoes as a present I had to go along with it. The first shoes were too small, but thanks to your patience I have now received a pair which fit perfectly. I cannot praise your product and service highly enough. You will collect you true prize in Heaven in your bank account. All success to your business – you have the attitude to succeed! Best wishes, Russell

    • 4:05 pm on 27/05/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks, Russel! Glad to know that everything worked out with your replacement pair. We’ll await said prize, and in the meantime, wish you and your shoes all the best.

  • 6:38 am on 11/05/14 Young

    Look and feel: These shoes are very comfortable.

    Fit: I’ve bought shoes online before, and it’s usually hit and miss. But here, the size guide combined with the shoemaker’s attention to detail ensured that the fit was perfect.

    10/10. Would buy again.

    • 4:03 pm on 27/05/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks, Young! Glad the size guide treated you well, and it’s definitely a big pleasure to hear that our attention to detail isn’t being looked over. Do let us know how you get on with the shoes over time. :)

  • 4:36 pm on 10/05/14 Greg Gauthier

    How do I jump on this bandwagon? Where are you people? I gotta have a pair.

  • 1:39 pm on 28/04/14 Marko

    On Saturday (Apr 26), I received my first pair of Atheist shoes (Gentleman’s Stepper), and they definitely won’t be my last. The delivery was a truly speedy one (fantastic), and the shoes are not only visually very appealing (for a Bauhaus fanatic like me), namely from a design point of view (effective simplicity with a slight retro nod), but also comfortable, which is undoubtedly due to the softness of the leather. Still, they don’t feel overly casual, so it’s a nice balance, and I can definitely imagine wearing them with a more elegant pair of pants.

    Yes, I am now a proud owner.

    Wishing you all the best, and keep up the good work (plus, you should definitely expand into evening shoes and especially sandals),

    Marko (yes, an atheist) from Ljubljana, Slovenia

    • 3:59 pm on 27/05/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks so much for the lovely feedback, Marko! Glad to hear you received the shoes so quickly and that the Bauhuas fanatic in you is so pleased with them. :)

  • 5:25 pm on 25/04/14 Elizabeth

    My super soft Naughty Schnitzels arrived today! (Left Berlin 4/8, arrived in Maine 4/25). I was nervous about the size as I measured smack in between a 37 and 38 (I usually wear U.S. 7 ½.) I opted for the 38 and that was the RIGHT decision. They fit perfectly with cotton knee socks, and for summer sans socks, there will be enough toe box wiggle room that my feet won’t suffocate. My favorite part? Metal aglets! (ag•let: a tip on the end of a shoelace from Old French aguillette, diminutive of aguille, meaning needle.) I appreciate how they give the shoelace just enough weight to lay gently against the side of the shoe vs. sticking out nonsensically like the circular logic of a Christian apologist.

    • 1:24 pm on 28/04/14 Atheist Shoes

      Glad to hear everything worked out with the size, Elizabeth! And we appreciate your appreciation of the aglets, which logic, to our minds, is definitely linear. :)

  • 3:05 am on 12/04/14 Jessica

    There’s never a better day than when a box from The Meaninful Shoe Company arrives at my doorstep! Hands down, these are my absolute favorite shoes. My biggest decision each morning is which color I’m going to wear – I wear these shoes with everything, everywhere I go. They keep great, form perfectly to my feet, and are oh-so-soft to the touch. It doesn’t hurt that the folks behind the name Atheist Shoes are quite wonderful themselves!

    • 7:30 pm on 12/04/14 Atheist Shoes

      Awww, you are too sweet Jessica Thanks so much for adding your feedback, we’re chuffed to make you happy each morning :)

  • 3:28 pm on 11/04/14 ken

    Like many people, I first heard about you when you announced the results of your USPS study. As an atheist social psychologist living (at the time) in the bible belt, I absolutely had to support you, both for the methodology of your study and for the apparent discrimination you faced. So, I bought a pair of your gentleman’s stepper shoes. I LOVE these shoes – they are very comfortable and suitable for a wide range of situations. I’ve since bought a pair of boots as well, though to protect the integrity of my bank account, I often have to resist the impulse to purchase another few pairs of your shoes. Were that not a concern, I’d have several pairs in my wardrobe!

    • 7:32 pm on 12/04/14 Atheist Shoes

      Cheers Ken! And I’m glad you were one of the scientists who were happy with our statistical methodology (although not perfect, it wasn’t too bad .) I hope we don’t lead you into financial ruin, but every now and then can’t hurt… oh, and we’ll be doing some more snazzy things with discounts and offers in the coming months… it gets easier the longer we’re in business and the more stock we have, so keep your eyes peeled!

  • 7:01 pm on 31/03/14 Nadya

    I love my super soft “awfully black black” shoes and I want some more in different colors, but unfortunately even after wearing them for just 3 months (though I have practically worn them daily in those 3 months) they seem to have gotten a bit beaten-up with scratches and what have you not. Is there any recommendations you can make for the care of these shoes? Cause out of frustration of them not being completely all super black everywhere, I tried using some black shoe polish on them, which did not go over well. Basically the front of them looks shiny, while the rest of the shoe is “fuzzy”. Thanks in advance!

    • 1:28 pm on 01/04/14 Atheist Shoes

      Hi Nadya, thanks for writing. Glad to hear how much you love your shoes, and that you’re determined to try and take care of them. We actually made a blog post about this very topic we’d recommend checking out. It can be found here:

      What’s perhaps most important to know is that the leathers we use are all vegetable tanned (no artificial preservatives or fixers), and that nubuck leather (what the uppers of your Awfully Black Black’s are made from) can be particularly sensitive when treated with a product that wasn’t intended specifically for it (is it safe to assume that this is the case with the shoe polish you’ve used?). In any case, we do hope that the shoes are still easy enough on the eyes and that you’ve still got some miles to burn in them!

      Hope that’s helpful. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at hello(at)atheistberlin(dot)com.

  • 3:56 pm on 29/03/14 Rick L.

    My size 44 Melty Chocolates arrived today at the post office in High Point, North Carolina, USA. I will sleep in these. The stealthy packaging they came in left those poor postal bastards completely clueless as to the contents. Nice job of timing the delivery with the due-date for all United States Federal Taxes. Those bible-thumping christians never had a chance with your clever new delivery tactics. I just put them on. I will sleep in these. Regardless of how creative the branding is (and it TRULY is!), these are easily the best craftsmanship I’ve ever put on my body. I will sleep in these. These shoes have far surpassed my expectations and may currently be the best material possession I own (and a 1985 turbo-look 911 Porsche sits in my driveway). You Germans make the best stuff on the planet. Although I have tired, I cannot sleep with my car, but I will sleep in these shoes. Once you Guys are rich “beyond belief,” please consider making sheets and pillows under your brand. Those products would further enhance my sleep experience. You should make calfskin bible covers. Wouldn’t THAT be a hoot! Huge, huge fan, Rick L. High Point NC USA

    • 12:51 pm on 01/04/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks, Rick! Happy to know your package made its way to you, and that we’re not the only ones sleeping in these shoes. Cheers!

    • 1:20 am on 01/04/14 Carlos Peixoto

      Just one correction: These are (hand)Made in Portugal. They sure have a wonderful german design and probably a strict german quality control, but fell out of portuguese hands! :-)

      • 12:54 pm on 01/04/14 Atheist Shoes

        Very true. Thanks, Carlos!

  • 2:58 pm on 23/03/14 Robert

    It was during a long Stumbleupon session that I found a kickstarter page featuring some pretty sweet shoes, Atheist Shoes! Sadly due to my poor student status at the time I couldn’t help out but I resolved to save some money and by the time the second run of Nabakov creams came out I jumped on it. And by the time they made it all the way out to Australia, I realised it the best footwear related decision I’d ever made! They were comfortable when they arrived and got even better as they wore in. And the nice comments I got while wearing them were great too =) Next, a pair of boots! Thanks and keep it up!

    • 4:52 pm on 24/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks so much Robert! Glad you feel it was a great decision, and that you’re getting on so well with your Nabokov Cream’s. The boots are here (and just as comfy) whenever you’re ready for them. :)

  • 9:46 pm on 22/03/14 Linda Bocek

    I have four pairs and they are all great. I have worn the bitter chocolate boots almost every day this winter since purchasing them in late November. They are definitely the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, and I feel wonderful wearing them. I’ve convinced at least one friend and my husband to also buy them, and bought the baby shoes for my niece’s son. I think of them as wearable ART and they make a great statement (even if I’m the only one knowing I’m making one!)

    • 4:48 pm on 24/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks for the kind words, Linda! Glad to know those Bitter Chocolates helped get you through the winter. And we hope those you convinced are as pleased with their purchases as you are. :)
      Wearable art, indeed. Couldn’t agree more!

  • 7:20 pm on 22/03/14 Joanna

    I have two pair and want more! The most comfortable shoes you will ever own!

    • 4:46 pm on 24/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Cheers, Joanna! Looking forward to help expand your collection. :)

  • 6:18 pm on 22/03/14 Karis Burkowski

    After discovering Atheist Shoes online, we sought you out in Berlin during a recent trip to Europe, just so we could get our shoes from you in person! Your charming personalities made the whole experience a delight! (It’s OK, don’t blush, seniors can talk like that.) Love the shoes, and love what you are doing! Even made a pictorial web page about our Atheist Shoe-buying experience (on our atheist website) at: to help spread the word locally. Now that we know our sizes we can (and will!) order more.

    Now, if only it would stop snowing, we could wear them outside and show them off! Here in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada, lots of people speak German and would ‘get’ the Ich Bin Atheist footprints.

    Viel Glück! Karis and Forbes

    • 4:43 pm on 24/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks Karis and Forbes! We very much remember your visit and have fond memories of meeting you both. :)
      Hope the shoes are treating you well and that the weather takes a turn for the better so you can get back to enjoying them full time.
      Best wishes from Berlin x

  • 5:56 pm on 22/03/14 Amy

    I fell in love with the look of these fine shoes months before I convinced my mother to buy them for me as a gift…. for Christmas (her holiday, not mine, but she’ll buy me stuff out of some weird guilt complex she has which she thinks makes her a better Christian or something… I don’t get it, but will gladly accept gifts if she thinks it’ll get her into heaven).

    She hated everything about the experience of buying and receiving “Heathen Footwear”… but told me she’d opened the box to make sure they were what she’d ordered before wrapping them in bright red Santa paper… and had this to say, “They’re the most gorgeous, well made shoes I’ve ever laid my eyes on,” which is pretty incredible praise considering my granddad was a cobbler in his own time.

    Christmas afternoon arrived and I slipped my feet into the clouds of perfection that are my Charlie D’s with Ich Bin Atheist soles. Every relative that came by that day and over the holidays complimented me on my fine footwear. I smiled broadly and crossed my legs casually to reveal the bottoms to a few raised eyebrows and scowls of concern for my eternal wellbeing.

    But I have to say, I believe heaven is wearing a pair of Atheist shoes. Hell is having to put them away for the winter. My next Christmas purchase will be a pair of boots :) I just have to decide on colour.

    I’ve already got a pair of I Believe in Mummy/Daddy for our next munchkin. If you made children’s sizes as well, I’d have a pair for my 8 yr old. Or if you made them in size giant, I’d buy a pair for my husband whose feet are somewhere in the region of the low 50’s in size… I think… I’ve yet to find a size converter that includes a US size 16 or 17.

    Anyway… Love the shoes. Love the compliments on my shoes. Love you guys as a whole, really. <3

    • 4:39 pm on 24/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks, Amy! Not only for the great feedback but also the story of how you ended up receiving the shoes. Definitely a moment we really wish we could have been there to experience.
      And yes, we’ll certainly take your mother’s compliment as the highest of praise. We might even have to quote her sometime. ;)
      We’re still only making the shoes up to size 49 (one of the throes of the whole supply/demand thing), but if we ever decide to go bigger you’ll be the first to know!

  • 5:53 pm on 22/03/14 Jordan

    I very much love the shoes, they are form fitting and incredibly fashionable! The material is quality unto itself, flowing gently across the soles of your feet and ankles. The only problems that I have found are the small spikes on the tongue, the sole comes out easily, and the shoes are clearly handmade. To explain a little: there are small bits something hard that rub into my feet as I walk, the sole will shift occasionally while walking and sometimes even bunch up, and finally, the shoes are different in a few key ways. The left shoe rubs my ankle, while the right shoe rubs my big toe. It’s an odd, painful, combination that I am hoping will go away with use. I would, and have recommended the shoes to friends, but I warn them of the price and the follies that I have encountered. In summation, love the shoe not the price. If you’ve got the money lying around, you might as well buy them, as they are very unique and comfortable shoes.

    • 4:28 pm on 24/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks for the feedback Jordan! We’re glad that on balance you’ve been happy with the shoes.

      The ‘small spikes on the tongue’ you make reference to comes as a definite suprise, though! It’s the first time that’s ever been mentioned to us, which begs the question as to whether or not there might actually be something wrong with the pair we sent you. We’d be extremely grateful if you could locate the area that’s causing you problems, and then send us some photos so that we can have a better idea of what you’re talking about? Either that or we’d be more than happy to have a look at them ourselves, if you’re willing to part with them for a time and ship them to us. Best would be to get in touch with us at hello(at)atheistberlin(dot)com, and we’ll do what we can to assist and get to the bottom of this issue.

      Regarding the insoles shifting and/or bunching up – are you sure the pair you ended up with aren’t perhaps a little too big for you? It’s possible that if your feet are moving around somewhat as is, that the insole might follow suit. In any case, if you’re having a hard time keeping yours in place, you may want to consider applying a few drops of all-purpose super glue to the bottoms of them as a quick fix. We’ve made the insoles easily removable for those who might need to replace them with a custom orthotic or something similar, but if you want to lock yours in place, that would be the easiest, cheapest, and surest way to do so.


  • 11:51 am on 22/03/14 Patrick Johnson

    Believe The Hype

    I’m having a religious/sexual experience right now…

    Thank you for the shoes. They’re wonderful. The fit is perfect.

    I’m also extremely surprised this isn’t an experience I’ve had before, no body is creating comfortable shoes. These shoes are positively orgasmic.

    Why don’t people make comfortable shoes?

    This is a new league.

    I’m in love.

    • 3:54 pm on 22/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks so much for the feedback Patrick! It was orgasmic for us too, making your shoes… I do hope it wasn’t a one pair stand!

      • 4:36 pm on 22/03/14 patrick Johnson

        Haha, definitely not!

  • 12:23 pm on 18/03/14 jiri hazekk

    i received my gentleman’s stepper about a month ago now. they look great and fit perfectly. while wearing the shoes, they shape themself around my feet. at least, this is how it feels.
    i was wearing them accidentally on a short visit in the zoo with my kids. was a bit unsure whether the thick layer of mud can be brushed off, but the leather is 1st class and I was able to restore the shoes to the state of shininess again without great effort.
    thank you guys for making (and selling) them^^

    • 4:46 pm on 18/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks for writing, Jiri! Glad to hear you were able to restore your Gentleman’s Steppers to their former glory – long live nubuck!

  • 4:40 pm on 17/03/14 Mikkel

    Well, I will make this short because of my bad English language.
    But these shoes are the best shoes ever!

    It’s like amazing leather gloves for your feet or something! :)

    I really like them and it’s the only shooes I own!
    I have three pairs, and I’m saving up so I can buy a lot more! :)

    • 12:21 pm on 18/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Leather gloves for your feet! We haven’t heard that one yet, but it feels appropriate. Really happy to hear you enjoy the shoes so much – we’re looking forward to seeing what you choose for pair #4! :)

  • 6:12 pm on 15/03/14 Heather

    Hello! Since you asked for reviews of your shoes for improvement, here goes: 1. These are quite possibly the best shoes I’ve ever owned! 2. I have been wearing the shoes for a week-and-a-half. When I first put them on I thought the toe box would be too tight and the heel would be too loose. That was not the case when I wore them to work the next day, they began forming to my feet right away, and they are still becoming a part of my feet. 3. I work outside and worked with water on the first day I owned them. I thought they would a) look like crap right away like all the other suede/nubuck shoes I’ve ever had and b) I’d slip on the smooth soles. Neither fear came true. They look beautiful despite the hard work I’ve already subjected them to. 4. The most amazing thing, after years of searching for the most lightweight, breathable, common-sense fashionable, comfortable shoes, these are the first that I have ever taken off at the end of the day and thought, “I have no shoes on.” As opposed to, “I feel so great to have gotten those shoes off!!!” Really, it’s like I have bare, protected feet- a wonderful sensation. The proof will be in the pudding if I order another pair in August, as I usually buy a pair of shoes every four months. Good luck staying in business; as of right now I would definitely order more and would definitely recommend them to anyone. Great work!!! Keep growing strong!

    Note: This is from my initial purchase. I have indeed ordered another pair of Atheist shoes! I love these and will continue to be a loyal customer!!!

    • 4:34 pm on 17/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks Heather! Really glad you’ve been enjoying our shoes so much and that you plan to continue doing so. We really appreciate the support, and a reminder now and again about why we started doing this in the first place helps too. :)

  • 4:04 pm on 10/03/14 Ruud

    Today I received my first Atheist shoes and I have to say they’re f*cking awesome. They are so soft, a warm bath for my feet. I’m really happy with the shoes! Also, I read the study you performed, which I not only think is awesome, but shows how much fun y’all have running this company. If only every company would have as much fun as Atheist Shoes the world would be a better place. Thanks again for the brilliant shoes and perfect service

    • 6:56 pm on 14/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Aww, thanks Ruud. We do have a blast and are definitely glad to hear that it shows. Enjoy the shoes!

  • 3:03 pm on 07/03/14 Kathryn

    The Charlie D’s arrived safe and sound in their inimitable box from across the pond. I must catch you however on one prevarication in your letter. There IS a footmasseur however small on duty in the shoe. The shoes fit like fine gloves and hugged my weary feet. They have added a spring to my step and I have found myself petting them. How do I resist a pair for everyday of the week? There is colour of the most sublime hue to fit every mood. I have seven children. What a Christmas card it would make to have the
    shoes on every foot in a different colour! But I must dream on and for the moment bounce merrily in my Charlie D’s. DANKE SCHON!

    • 6:54 pm on 14/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks, Kathryn! We’re very much looking forward to this year’s x-mas card. :)

  • 3:33 am on 07/03/14 Darren Robinson

    The shoes came in yesterday. Wow! Very very nice. I read it, but I was still surprised how soft they feel and how good they feel on the feet. I put them on after I got back from work today, and my feet felt better in moments. The look is amazing, they are just so stylish; although I generally am not impressed by most brown shoes these are fantastic looking. Even though the “Awfully Black” and “Naughty Schnitzel” gave them a run, I still came back to these and I made the right choice. My friends are anxious to get a look at them. So now on to the wear test and see how they hold up for me. If the construction and craftsmanship is any indication they should do well. I have to give a shout out to; they carried the story of the delayed and missing packages by the USPS, so that is where I first heard of Atheist Berlin. Thanks for all the help!

    • 6:51 pm on 14/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks for writing, Darren. Glad to hear you’re happy with your colour choice, and that they’re keeping your feet in good comfort. And do let us know how you get on with them over time!

  • 6:12 pm on 06/03/14 Bjørn Borud

    The shoes have arrived and I have to say that they are fantastic. They are incredibly soft. It is like wearing a shaved scrotum over your foot — only without the social stigma, unbelievable bloody mess, and noise involved in acquiring said scrota.

    Men worship me, women throw themselves at my feet, my hair is shinier than before and on my way to work today the parking inspectors lined the streets and waved their ticket books at me in pure awe of my Höllenfeuer Red shoes.

    These shoes are clearly a life-changing experience. I must acquire more shoes from your fine establishment soon.

    • 6:47 pm on 14/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Wow, thanks for the high praise, Bjørn! Though to be honest we weren’t aware of any such social stigma… In any case, glad to hear they did exactly what we intended them to do!

  • 4:25 pm on 06/03/14 Rastko

    Dear Atheists,

    Thank you for the shoes!

    I just received them yesterday in the post, in a beautiful package and was immediately smitten by them and I wasn’t the only one, I do believe you will receive a few orders from good’ole Belgium. They are of exquisite material and the colours are exactly what I saw (got the Testicle Pink ones), I had to wear them to my local watering hole, and I must say they are a head turner, and a conversation starter. So thank you again for the shoes, the good laugh at the letter received with the shoes and for the good idea to make a nice company. I will be buying another pair as soon as the bank account gets refueled. Best of luck to you all! Rastko

    • 6:45 pm on 14/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks, Rastko! Great to hear how much you’re enjoying the shoes, and that they seem to be appreciated in good ‘ole Belgium. ;)

  • 7:10 am on 06/03/14 James

    I purchased a pair of Atheist Shoes some months ago for my wife.

    She absolutely loves them, and with our village’s dirt streets, she dirties up her soles walking to work every day (she is the library director of our town library). They are stylish and she says they are quite comfortable.

    There are a trail of “Darwin Loves” tracks to-and-from our house in the dirt and snow past the church and tumbleweeds to the town hall every day.

    When they first arrived she put them on right away and went to the town hall to show them off to the town clerk. With two God-shaped holes on her heels (the Atheist Berlin black hole brand), she has gotten a number of compliments wearing your fine product.

    Regrettably, telling people where they came from, I doubt it will get you many orders from other people in this religious little village in the Nebraska Panhandle, but they will just be missing out. On the other hand (or foot), you never know.

    • 7:18 am on 06/03/14 James

      PS: That settles it. I am going to order myself a pair. As a member of my village board (city council), they ought to look good sticking out from under the desk during town meetings. . . .

      • 6:38 pm on 14/03/14 Atheist Shoes

        Sounds good, James. Though we’ve heard they work best if you slowly raise them up on top of your desk, one after the other, while maintaining eye contact with whom ever you’re speaking to.. :) In any case, thanks for the lovely feedback!

  • 7:03 am on 06/03/14 Sona Mason

    Hey Atheists!
    I just had to tell you how surprised I was to find how comfy your shoes are, something I find rarely for my wide feet. Even had a momentary hallucination at work that I was wearing slippers!
    Thank you for the delightful product and communications,
    Soňa Mason

    • 6:07 pm on 14/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks for the kind words Soňa! Great to know the shoes can provide equal comfort for wider feet. And while we’re happy to accept the compliment, we urge you to try not to sleep on the job. Unless you’re tired.

  • 3:34 am on 06/03/14 Jamile

    I love, love, love, my new Atheist shoes and plan to wear them with pride. I cannot wait for someone to ask where I got them and I will proudly say, “Atheist Shoes in Berlin.” I ordered a size 40 based on shoe measurements. I was very concerned because I
    normally wear a very very narrow shoe (AAAA with a AAAAAA heel width) in US sizing. I easily am able to adjust the width of your shoes by lacing tight, and now I just need to decide how to handle the additional 6 inches of lace length. lol BUT, the fact that I can wear your shoes is thrilling to me. I love the grey color and am looking forward to leaving the word Atheist all over the City of Atlanta where I live. Thank you!!

    • 6:02 pm on 14/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks Jamile! Happy to hear that the shoes were adaptable to your needs – we look forward to seeing your prints all over Atlanta. :)

  • 1:10 am on 06/03/14 Jenny

    Hello! I just want to thank you for your time and patience with sorting out the size of shoes I wanted to buy. I just wanted to let you know that they arrived in time for my work’s internal post to ship them from Australia to China, and they fit perfectly! I’ve been wearing them around for a few weeks and there wasn’t even a wearing-in period. They are amazing, so thank you very much!

    • 12:58 pm on 12/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks, Jenny! Glad to hear the post was on point and that they arrived in good time. Best wishes!

  • 10:06 pm on 05/03/14 Josh

    If there was a god these are the shoes that he would send to Earth! I saw your Kickstarter several months ago and fell in love with the concept as well as the style of these shoes. Unfortunately I was not able to jump on board back then. I had mentioned this shoe to my wife after seeing that you had crossed over from Kickstarter and had a real operation going. I could not wait to get a pair. Then one day after work I come home to a box sitting on the couch. I almost fell over when I noticed the black hole logo that had become familiar to me. My wife ordered me a pair of the finest shoes money can buy.
    I can’t even begin to tell you how impressed I am with this shoe. The fit is perfect and the quality is unmatched to any shoe that I have worn in the past. I have had them a few weeks and wear them just about every day. I have gotten many compliments on the unique and stylish design. The Atheist bit just puts icing on the cake.
    Thank you so much for existing and please please please keep making shoes! When I win the lottery I will be buying about 50 pairs so I never have to wear another brand again.

    Best Regards,
    Boston, MA

    • 12:56 pm on 12/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks so much for the kind words, Josh. And congratulations on your wife’s impeccable taste! Wishing both you and your shoes as happy a life together. :)

  • 8:28 pm on 05/03/14 christian

    I just received my size 44 kitten testicle gray sneakers here in Charlotte, north Carolina U S of A. I absolutely love them. I live in a collectively hip and independent neighborhood known as plaza-midwood ( These are the perfect shoes to wear around this safe haven iin the bible belt. As exclusive as I would like to remain with such impeccable fashion sense; I shall reveal my secret so that y’all at atheist Berlin will earn due diligence and hopefully expand the minds of those on the less fortunate of enlightenment. Keep up the good work and incredible craftsmanship! Solely yours, Christian Good

    • 12:50 pm on 12/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks for writing, Christian. Glad you’re enjoying the shoes and that you’ve found a place safe enough to wear them. :D

  • 7:45 pm on 05/03/14 Jessica Acosta

    I finally received my shoes and they fit perfectly this time! I literally got the package and put them on not even 5 minutes ago and I couldn’t wait to tell you about how wonderful they are. You guys really have done something fantastical with these shoes. I don’t think I’ll ever want to take them off. Thank you again for all of your help in exchanging my last pair. At least now I’ll know my size for my future orders ;) I have no doubt that your company will last a long time given the exceptional craftsmanship of your products. I also have one of your tote bags from the USPS experiment so now I have the shoes to match. I can’t wait to wear these shoes outside to leave my ATHEIST mark on the planet. Keep up the great work!

    • 12:46 pm on 12/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Glad to have helped, Jessica! Happy to hear it all worked out and that you’re so happy with the shoes. And thanks again for taking part in our experiment!

  • 7:10 pm on 05/03/14 David Lane

    Hello Atheist,
    I received my shoes here in New York City about six months ago, and they are delightful. Not only do they look and feel great, but now my conversations with those who have seen my soles are colored by my open non-belief, which is an empowering thing, somehow. Thank you, and keep it up!

    • 12:42 pm on 12/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Cheers, David! Happy to hear we had a hand in prompting some meaningful (meaningless?) discussions. Thanks again for writing!

  • 6:38 pm on 05/03/14 Johanna

    Thanks for all your assistance with the shoe sizes! I was very happy to receive in the mail two days ago my glorious white Atheist shoes. They are amazingly crafted- definitely the finest footwear I have ever owned. Their maiden voyage was to the local zoo yesterday where I received much attention from the lion cubs, who seemed willing to exchange their ‘intelligently designed’ paws for my new shoes. The size is just right for summers sans socks and winters with. Thank you!

    • 12:35 pm on 12/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks Johanna! Glad to hear everything worked out with the size – it’s always a pleasure to help. And while the shoes are definitely made to last, they haven’t yet been tested against lion cub paws… and we don’t necessarily recommend you try and find out how they hold up. ;)

  • 6:26 pm on 05/03/14 Lewis

    I never write reviews, but when it comes to you guys you’ve given me more than enough reason to! I don’t even think my vocabulary is at a level of which I can truly express my love for my new ATHEIST Boots.

    I’ve had them for all of 17 hours and they are by far my favourite possession in the world, seriously. The very first thing I noticed when I received them was the softness, I mean not even my bed is as soft as these boots.

    They are now most comfortable piece of footwear I own by a country mile and it’s now at the stage where I crave another pair more than anything, so it looks like I’ll be giving up my lunch for the next couple of weeks till I can afford another pair (Poor student life). I really can’t sing you guys’ praises enough, they are in ever sense not just a shoe but a piece of art. Basically, everyone needs these shoes, not just one pair, or two, but a pair for everyday for the week, my year and a half of not buying these but being aware of their existence was beyond idiotic!

    Best wishes, Lewis

    • 12:14 pm on 12/03/14 Atheist Shoes

      Thanks so much for that Lewis! But don’t be too hard on yourself – the surest way past regret is to start making up for lost time. :)

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